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Personal Identity - from Camera Club to Master of Arts Photographer       16 April 2013

Brian Swinyard MA ARPS EFIAP/b DPAGB describes himself as an 'aspirational photographer with special interest in Contemporary, Creative, Travel and Portrait photography. His talk to the club illustrated his personal development from being a Camera Club member to becoming a Master of Arts Photographer. This proved to be a very personal account of the changes in his photographic style after retiring from the civil service. Brian embarked on the demanding challenge of a Master of Arts in Photography. He began by displaying work from earlier periods including Monochrome, Reflections, Still life, Portraits and how Photoshop opened up a new world of techniques  such as 'Lith Masks', glass screen, negative filters, extruded filters, pseudo Infra Red and many more. Each picture had his own personal unique style, breaking new ground in presentation of images beyond the norms. His advice was to 'never produce pictures to please judges but to please yourself'. 

Brian's MA work involved studying some of the leading war photographers to show how great photographs are achieved with simplicity, no distractions and getting close to the action. The theme for his MA portfolio 'Personal Identity' involved searching aspects of his personality illustrating both internal thoughts and external body image, distilling ideas and techniques from leading photographers. In his work emotions and feelings were of greater importance than photographic technique.

Having achieved his MA and ARPS Brian moved on photographically away from highly edited images to a 'back to basics' approach, getting the picture right in camera so that little further editing needs to be done. Further experiments with Photoshop filters followed in different periods as he continues to explore new techniques. We look forward to seeing the results of his next development which is to research for a PhD. RA

Creative Competition                       Judge: David Bathard FRPS                                       9 April 2013
pamThis competition encourages members to try out some creative ideas and have some fun!  Images can be created in camera or by using editing software. David Bathard said he very much enjoyed judging such a variety of unusual images. Although the number of print entries was low there was a good range of very interesting images. 
portmerion First place in the print section went to Martin Horton's stunningly simple coastal scene 'From Portmerion' (left) 
A print showing multiple shots of a diving kingfisher by Robert Harvey ARPS was placed second and an intriguing scene showing a submerged lighthouse complete with divers by Stephen McGrath was placed third.

illusionIn the projected image section, an image of a man emerging from a marble slab titled 'Painted Illusion' (right) by Pam Mullings was placed first and also won the Demiurgic Trophy. Second was a 'Wildephant' with the rear of a wildebeest and the head of an elephant cleverly put together by Robert Harvey. In third place was an imaginative creation by Robin Gregory entitled 'She Sleeps upon the Dreams'
David showed members some of his own creative prints and gave members some useful Photoshop tips such as using a saved 'script' to save time when reproducing a similar effect on a range of images.
Many photographers find the thought of being 'creative' a bit daunting but hopefully seeing this imaginative selection of images will inspire more members to just have a go and enter some prints or projested images next year.
Thanks to all the members who were inspired and entered the competition. PM
Top right: Pam Mullings receives the Demiurgic Trophy from David Bathard FRPS

Results                                 All the images that gained awards can be seen in the Galleries.
Western Counties Photographic Federation Members' Exhibition 2013
29 Acceptances, with 1 Bronze Medal, 4 Highly Commended Awards and 1 Ribbon!  Heartiest congratulations to Robin Gregory, who won the Bronze Medal for his image, Broken. Martin Horton (6 Acceptances), Robert Harvey ARPS (5 Acceptances), Kevin Ferris LRPS, Rod Stowell ARPS AFIAP were awarded Highly Commended awards and Martin also achieved a Ribbon.  Joan Ryder Rathband FRPS FPSSA (6 Acceptances), Richard Atkinson, Charlotte Morris LRPS, Clive Rathband FRPS FPSSA EFIAP, Hilary Kay and Gill Cardy ARPS DPAGB AFIAP gained acceptances.  Well done to you all! JRR     See all the results
Fordingbridge Challenge                                                                                          3 April 2013
reflectionsGreat news!  Devizes Camera Club managed to retain the trophy in the 2013 Fordingbridge Challenge!  Four members travelled to Fordingbridge on Wednesday, 3rd April, where we we had a most enjoyable evening and were treated to some excellent images from the 10 Clubs in the competition.  
Thank you to all the members who submitted images for consideration.  We could only enter 8 images in the Challenge so it was very difficult to narrow down the selection to just eight.  
snowbirdThe judge was Leo Rich ARPS EFIAP DPAGB APAGB.  Leo is also Vice President of the PAGB.  Congratulations to Charlotte Morris LRPS (Snowbird) and Chris Beard (Font Reflections) who achieved full marks for their images!

Our thanks also go to the organisers and members of Fordingbridge for making us feel so welcome.
Full results and Images 
New Proposal for Assessments                                         2 April 2013
Our club held a special meeting during which our Vice Chairman, Clive Rathband FRPS FPSSA EFIAP, and committee member Joan Ryder Rathband FRPS FPSSA, put forward a new method for assessing entries for DCC's open monthly competitions. 

Familiar with this system which is standard among clubs in South Africa and motivated by feedback from our club's recent survey, Clive and Joan emphasised that this new system would encompass all club members as every open competition entry would receive a score. The current system of awarding 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and HCs would be replaced with a scoring system of 1 to 4, with 4 being the highest score. This new scoring system would be based on a clear set of criteria for each category of photographer (Beginner, Intermediate, General and possibly a new Advanced category) and to illustrate how the criteria would be applied, Joan and Clive went through a selection of entries from our club members, explaining how each entry was scored. 

The present 1st, 2nd 3rd and HC's will remain for all the other competitions.   

Judges and camera club members from the Western counties were invited to this presentation and gave their views during a Q&A session at the end. This new proposal in various forms will be voted on by Devizes club members at their AGM in May. LS
Members' AV Competition                                                            26 March 2013
Club members competed for the Croall Plaque in the presence of our guest judge, Robert Albright FRPS, winner of the UK National and European AV championships. Our AV entries covered a breadth of subjects from Morris dancing, hats, wildlife and winter landscapes, to more creative pieces about instruments turning into birds and a mysterious dawn apparition. The audience enjoyed music and sound effects as well as Robert's tips about creating a sense of movement, how to use audio in the AV structure and how sound recordings in situ can be essential. Our congratulations go to winner Robert Harvey ARPS for his entry Ice and Fire, depicting winter in Yellowstone National Park. Second place went to Clive Rathband FRPS FPSSA EFIAP followed by Robin Gregory in third place. We finished the evening with a selection of AVs from the judge himself, notably the very personal sequence on Lawrence of Arabia, Betrayal, and the championship winner Legacy, which illustrates the conflict among loyalists in Northern Ireland. Much food for thought! LS   av-compRobert Harvey receives the Croall Plaque from judge Robert Albright.
Leigh Preston FRPS EFIAP MPAGB                                               19 March 2013
painterClub members knew they were in for an entertaining evening as professional photographer Leigh Preston has visited the club on several previous occasions. With a lot of humour thrown in Leigh explained how he uses his powers of observation to catch that special moment, always looking for atmosphere, lighting and composition - then patiently waiting until exactly the right moment to press the shutter.
Starting off with photographs taken at the 2012 Olympics Leigh showed how he managed to get himself in a good position, set up his camera and then wait for his chance to get the image he wanted.
Leigh likes to work on various 'themes' and the first theme he showed us was 'Musicians' pointing out the difficulties of working with stage lighting. 
The next theme was 'Characters' showing a series of images of real people in real situations - people and situations that most of us would just pass by such as the paint-splattered man merging with the wall (left)flats
Another of Leigh's ongoing themes is 'Urban Landscapes' mostly sombre and bleak showing decay and abandonment - always looking for patterns and lines that give a good composition and lead the viewer around the image. An example is the derelict block of flats (right)  Leigh's  comment - "were the past residents just left in that skip?"
Next we were taken on a visit to Georgia to experience the rather sinister and foreboding atmosphere of that very poor country. Finally we were treated to images taken at the Edinburgh Fringe - images of whacky people doing whacky things, expertly captured by the photographer.
A very interesting and thought provoking evening. PM
Results of 4th Competition with set subject: Reflections               12 March 2013
stephen-mikeWe welcomed judge Michael Curtis ARPS, a familiar face at our club and very much in demand at prestigious photographic competitions around the country. This is our only competition with a set subject and we always enjoy seeing how our members interpret it!
In the Beginner's category, first place went to John Totten in Prints and to Gill Ford in Projected Images. The Intermediate category was dominated by Nick Smith, who won first place in Prints and third place with a HC in Projected Images, and by Richard Atkinson who won first & second place in Projected Images as well as third place in Prints. The General category winner in Prints was Stephen McGrath, also with a HC in Projected Images. Robert Harvey ARPS won first & second place in Projected Images, as well as third place with a HC in Prints.
valenciaThe trophy for the overall winner went to 
Stephen McGrath for his print Burnham on Sea, apparently taken at 2.30 in the morning! Well done to all the winners for their stunning entries! LS 

Above: Stephen McGrath receives the trophy for overall winner from judge Michael Curtis for his print Burnham on Sea.  Left: L'Hemisferic by Richard Atkinson.
Below: Lighthouse Reflections by Gill Ford, Bodium Castle by Robert Harvey ARPS and Burnham on Sea by Stephen McGrath
 Full results                          Images can be seen in the Galleries
National Geographic Magazine Prizewinner
red-roofed-cottageCongratulations to club member Chris Beard who has won the top prize in a National Geographic Traveller Magazine competition on the theme of 'Home'
The winning photograph is of a cottage taken near the village of Inverbain, Wester Ross, Scotland.
Chris is delighted with his prize of an Antler Geolite hard suitcase which will be very useful for transporting his camera gear when travelling.
The photograph will feature on page 17 of the April edition of the magazine which is in the shops now. PM             Right: 'Red Roofed Cottage'
Nature Competition 2013 - Results                                           5 March 2013
golden-eagleAfter the postponement of the Nature Competition in January due to bad weather the competition has been re-arranged and judge John Tilsley ARPS DPAGB APAGB was able to come at last and give members the results and his comments on the 57 entries.
John said that as the standard was generally very high which made it very difficult for him to finally decide which images should get the awards. After choosing his top 9 prints and projected images John went on to explain in detail the reasons for his final choices for the 6 places in each category. The club is very grateful to experienced judges such as John who take so much time and trouble to look at the entries and give such informed comments.
puffinThe Nature Print Trophy was awarded to Gill Cardy ARPS DPAGB AFIAP for her stunning image 'Golden Eagle with Prey' (Above) 
Robert Harvey ARPS was awarded the Nature Projected Image Trophy for 'Puffin Landing with Catch'. (Left) 
Robert was especially delighted with the award as having been awarded most of the club trophies at some time or the other, the Nature Trophy had always just alluded him!
Chris Beard was awarded 2nd place in both categories with his macro images of insects.
Members entries covered a very wide variety of wildlife subjects from the very large to the extremely small, to the cute to the somewhat bizarre and from just about all continents of the world.
Kev Ferris LRPS and Nick Smith also gained awards in the competition. Very well done to all and many thanks to all those members who entered and made it such an interesting competition.
nature-gillnature-robertDevizes CC is pleased to have as members, so many good Natural History photographers whose images have done very well for the club in both WCPF and PAGB competitions.
Many thanks to John Tilsley for judging the competition and presenting the awards. PM
John Tilsley presenting the Trophies to -
Gill Cardy (left) and Robert Harvey (right)
 Full results here                          Images can be seen in the Galleries
The Prints and the Paper      Chris Palmer ARPS DPAGB APAGB AFIAP      26 February 2013
It was with very great pleasure that members welcomed Chris on his first visit to Devizes CC.
rocksStarting with a selection of inspiring monochrome prints and then moving on to colour Chris showed a wide range of images taken in many parts of the world. Misty views of Tuscany, dramatic ice and snow scenes in Iceland, canyons and aspen trees in N America, rocks and coastal areas of Britain among his favourite haunts.
Members were extremely impressed by the extremely fine quality of  the many prints that were displayed.
Chris explained the lengths he goes to get the photograph as perfect as possible in camera - composing the image with great care and waiting until the light is just right for the subject.

horsesInstead of including the whole scene in the photograph Chris prefers to look around for a small section that that personally interests him. Very often it is the structure and detail in rocks and trees that others would pass by that catches his discerning eye. Many of the images appeared very simple with subtle colours and textures but every detail of each image has been carefully considered.
Sponsored by Fotospeed great care is taken in choosing the best paper to use for each image that re-creates the feeling experienced when the photograph was taken.
Small test prints are made until the effect he wants is achieved - this was one of the many useful tips given to members - as Chris said 'he has no secrets' and hopefully he will visit us again to share some more of his expertise.
Many thanks for a very enjoyable and instructive evening. PM

Above: Rock Textures & Stone      Right: Icelandic ponies, Stokksnes ©  Chris Palmer ARPS DPAGB APAGB AFIAP

The Travelling Wildlife Photographer                                          19 February 2013
Club member Robert Harvey ARPS showed members a wide selection of his excellent wildlife images taken in many different parts of the world.
storkRobert began the evening with a selection of bird portraits - pointing out to members that the best images have an uncluttered background that compliments the subject. Examples were shown of birds fishing with tips on how best to catch the fast action and then came a selection of birds in flight with useful information on selecting the best exposure and focus for this difficult subject.
After the break we were treated to a selection of mammal photographs. Robert has been to photograph bears in Finland, tigers in India and a wide variety of African and North American species. brown-bear

Helpful advice was given on how best to get close to the action which sometimes means using a boat or vehicle or at other times using a hide or trekking on foot. Getting in very close or just selecting part of the animal can often make an attractive image.

Conditions are not always ideal for wildlife photography - the sun can be too bright, forests can be dense and create deep shade and snow often makes correct exposure tricky but with experience a photographer can usually find ways to overcome such problems.
Robert ended the evening with images of various primates including a family of gorillas taken on his recent visit to Rwanda.
Many thanks to Robert for such an informative evening.
Also on display were a selection of Robert's colour and monochrome prints together with the recent successful LRPS panel by Kevin Ferris LRPS   PM

Above: Painted Stork Catching Fish   Above right:Female Brown Bear, Finland © Robert Harvey ARPS

Visit to Studley Grange Butterfly World                                                16 February 2013
Mid February the Nature group decided that a trip to Butterfly World  would give us an opportunity to photograph 'wildlife' in a controlled environment, much more convenient than the uncontrolled environment morphooutside in February.
 Doubts of the numbers of butterflies flying so early in the year were soon dispelled when entering the hot humid jungle atmosphere as a large vivid blue 'Morpho peleides' butterfly floated around the party. This proved to be a challenge for some because the butterfly closed its wings when it settled. In the air it was so close to us but so elusive when trying to capture its vivid display. More co-operative butterflies soon presented themselves and the party dispersed round the enclosure to find some really colourful specimens as well as curious larvae which were practically invisible to the untrained eye.meerkat
Different creatures were to be found in the vivarium with its collection of reptiles and insects and a large green iguana, which is free to wander around the tropical house, posed sedately.
Mid morning gave us a change of subject as the otters were fed outside, luckily the morning mist had transformed into a mild spring day and the otters delighted the audience. This was followed by feeding of the meerkats which never fails to delight the audience. It proved easier to photograph these delightful creatures when the feed had run out and they carried on with their normal foraging and lookout behaviour.
Lunch time saw us eating in the attached cafe before the group dispersed. All thought the visit worthwhile and would pay a return visit. If you are thinking of taking photographs it is advisable to go early before family groups arrive, or go in mid week during term time. RA
Above: Morpho peleides by Pam Mullings                            Right: Meerkat by Richard Atkinson
'Battle' with Swindon & Highworth                                        14 February 2013
We had six supporters at Swindon last Thursday for the three-way DPI Battle with Swindon Photographic Society and Highworth Camera Club.  
With 25 images per Club the Judge, Peter Weaver ARPS CPAGB had a busy evening judging the 75 images.
The final scores showed a win for Devizes with 451 points, with Swindon second with 433 points and Highworth third with 398 points.  Three of our images - Mountain Gorilla by Robert Harvey ARPS; Snowbird by Charlotte Morris LRPS and Golden Eagle with Willow Grouse by Gill Cardy ARPS DPAGB AFIAP achieved a maximum mark of 20.  
Thank you to all the members who let us have DPI's for selection.  The best thing about this result is that we had 17 club members representing Devizes Camera Club in this battle! JRR
Full Devizes CC results
Results of 3rd Open Competition                                                                     12 February 2013
Judge Vanessa Herring LRPS was present to judge our last open competition of the year. Her feedback was precise and thoughtful, giving club members valuable advice to take home. Having to select a clear winner in some of the categories was not always an easy task!
John Totten won the Beginners' Print category, Nick Smith the Intermediate P
rinmoody-beecht category (he also won a HC Projected Image) and Martin Horton the General Print category.
In the Beginners' Projected Image category, 1st and 2nd place went to David Fraser. In the Intermediate PI c
in-and-outategory, 1st place went to Ri
chard Atkinson, who also won 2nd place with a HC in Intermediate Prints, and in the General PI category, first place went to Robin Gregory.
Other notable results were
Caroline Wright winning 3rd place in Beginners' Prints and two HCs in the Beginners' PI category, and Chri
s Beard winning 2nd place in General Prints as well as 3rd place with a HC in the General PI category.

Well done to all of you!
winter-woodlandbeechwoodA few of the winning images:

Top left: In and Now Out by Robin Gregory 

Top right: Moody Dorset Beach by Nick Smith

Far left: Winter Woodland by David Fraser

Left: Beech Wood in March by Martin Horton 
 Full results here                                 See more images in the Galleries
A Great Weekend for Devizes!
Last weekend was a busy weekend - with great some results for Devizes CC.
We had a Print Battle in Warminster with 7 other camera clubs; a digital competition in Exeter with 48 other clubs from across the whole of the Western region and also The Great British Cup - a National digital competition for Open DIgital Images and a separate competition for Nature Digital Images against photographic clubs across the entire British Isles.  All these in the space on one weekend!!
Thank you and congratulations go to all the members who submitted images for these battles.  You kept the Devizes Camera Club flag flying proudly! JRR
Warminster Annual Inter-Club Print Battle 
warminsterEight members travelled to Warminster on Saturday afternoon, to see the Warminster Print Battle, which was judged "live" by Dr Barry Senior Hon FRPS APAGB.  Before the judging session, we were treated to an exhibition of some of Barry's own prints and some very amusing comments on how he produced the images with some excellent "fiddling and diddling".  The striking feature of this presentation was that Barry showed that prints DO NOT HAVE TO BE LARGE!  As he said, time and again, large prints show problems.  Bigger is not always better.  Barry had some superb small prints, which were mounted in full-sized 500x400mm cardboard mounts.  They were beautiful.   Members are advised to follow suit!
The competition judging followed after tea and a delicious and plentiful array of eats.  The Warminster Club did us all proud.  Thank you!
Each club was permitted to enter 10 prints and at the end, Clive proudly accepted the trophy on behalf of the print workers of Devizes Camera Club.  Congratulations, in particular, to Martin Horton and Robert Harvey for their maximum score of 20 Points for Solo and Cheetah and Cub respectively. JRR
DCC Vice Chairman Clive Rathband FRPS FPSSA EFIAP receives the trophy from Dr. Barry Senior Hon.FRPS APAGB
Warminster Print Battle results  

WCPF - Digital Projected Image Competition (DPIC)
On the Sunday, nine members travelled to the lovely venue in the Exeter Corn Exchange.  Here the Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF) hosted the DPIC Competition (see above) with 49 clubs from right across the Western Counties.  Each club was permitted to enter 20 Digital images, making a total of 980 images to be judged "live" by three judges (spread over three sessions) on the day.  The standard was high and the judges, Peter Gennard MFIAP EFIAP/p, Ken Scott ARPS and Clive Tanner FRPS, had the task of scoring each of the 980 images out of a total of 15 points (5 for each judge).  The scores were close and the competition tight.  At the end, the judges selected the individual winners as well as awarding Ribbons and Certificates to successful, individual photographers.  Heartiest congratulations to Pam Mullings and Chris Beard who were awarded Ribbons for Crossing the Mara and Font Reflections respectively  and to Joan Ryder Rathband FRPS FPSSA on being awarded a Certificate of Merit for Against the Wind.  The great news is that Devizes Camera Club came a very creditable 3rd place and we were all thrilled.  Congratulations to Bristol Photographic Society (1st place) and Zen Photographic Club (2nd place) who go on to represent the Western Counties later in the year at the PAGB Interclub Championships in Warwick. JRR
Devizes Camera Club membersDPIC 2013 results
Please click for Full DPIC Club Results 

PAGB - The Great British Cup Open and The Great British Cup Nature
On a MUCH LARGER stage, Devizes competed in the GB Cup for both Nature and Open Digital images.  This competition is hosted by the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain and each club is permitted to enter 15 images in the Open Section and between 10 and 20 images in the Nature Section with the top 10 scores from each club being taken into account for the final scores.

In the Nature Section, there were 88 Clubs and Devizes did really well, being placed joint 19th with 114 points.  Joint winners, Dorchester Camera Club and Wigan 10, scored 125 points so we really did extremely well!  Congratulations to Gill Cardy ARPS DPAGB AFIAP who scored 13 points for DCC with Golden Eagle.

In the Open Section, there were 106 clubs and Devizes scored 154 points and was placed joint 54th.  The winning club, Wigan 10 scored 200 points. Congratulations to Robert Harvey ARPS who scored 13 points for Hoar Frost.  Special mention must go to Jean Ingram from the Intermediate Section who gained 12 points for Goose Girl. JRR
GB Cup Open & Nature results                              
Photography Magazine Prizewinner
glastonbury-tor-at-nightCongratulations to Robert Harvey ARPS!  

Robert has won the Night Photography Competition in the Outdoor Photography Magazine! 

The  winning image is on Page 116 of the March 2013 edition.  Please pop along to your nearest store to purchase your copy to read all the details on how Robert took this beautiful image.  

Very Well Done, Robert!  We are proud of you!
                                                                  Winning image 'Glastonbury Tor by Night'
Before and After using Photoshop     Ray Grace ARPS DPAGB                      5 February 2013
Ray Grace gave us a very instructional presentation on how to use Photoshop in post-processing, which he sees as a necessary stage in digital photography, not too dissimilar from adjustments that used to be made in the dark room. During the first half of the evening, Ray showed us a seriholy-island-beforeesof Before and After projected images of landscapes, still life and portraits (also displayed as prints), taking us through each stage of post-processing to the final polished result. We found out what plug-ins he uses for sharpening an image or converting it to monochrome. He talked about making adjustments in camera raw, use of HDR and creating a photographic kaleidoscope. In Ray's view digital imaging is just a matter of practice, so he dedicated the second half of the eveninholy-island-afterg to practical demos in Photoshop, making it seem very accessible to those present.

as we all know, practice makes perfect! LS

Holy Island before (top left) and after (bottom left) © Ray Grace

                       Gill Cardy ARPS DPAGB AFIAP received the
                       Derrick Turner Memorial Trophy for the
                       annual Landscape Projected Image competition.

                       Well done Gill!

Aquilegia before (above)
and after (below) © Ray Grace


Annual Competition - part 2                                                                       29 Jan 2013
We welcomed Barrie Bluer APAGB LRPS, who regularly judges our competitions and gives invaluable feedback to our club members. We missed part 1 of our Annual Competition last week due to bad weather - this will be rescheduled.

This week entries for the Pencil of Nature competition for monochrome prints, the Landscape Projected Image competition and the new Landscape Print competition were judged. Congratulations to Robert Harvey ARPS, who won 1st and 2nd place in Landscape Prints, taking home the Silver Birches Trophy, donated by none other than himself! In the Landscape PI category, Gill Cardy ARPS DPAGB, won the Derrick Turner Memorial Trophy, followed by Richard Atkinson in 2nd place, also with a highly commended entry. Martin Horton won 1st place with a highly commended in Monochrome Prints, taking home the unique Pencil of Nature hand-made camera donated by Syd Holley. Robert Harvey also won 2nd place in this category as well as a highly commended Landscape PI.

The standard of entries was exceptional and Barrie ended up awarding an extra commendation in the Landscape PI category. Well done to everyone who entered! LS

Judge Barrie Bluer presents the Silver Birches Trophy to Robert Harvey (left) and the Pencil of Nature Trophy to Martin Horton (right).

See the full results here
               See the images in the Galleries
Bedruthen Steps by Gill Cardy
Infinity by Martin Horton
Lake Bled Reflections by Robert Harvey
 Flash Lighting Workshop   (Change to programme)                          22 January
Due to the snow and ice, John Tilsley ARPS APAGB DPAGB was not able to get to Devizes to present his judging for the Nature Competition, the re-arranged date for this will be published as soon as an available slot has been found.At short notice, Stephen McGrath attended the club with 6 other brave souls and used the time to run a basic introduction to flash photography. Subjects covered ranged from Bouncing flash, the benefit of getting the flash off the camera and various ways of utilising relatively cheap equipment to use flash guns as portable studio lights. We talked about sync speeds, fill-in flash, balancing ambient lighting with flash, Rim Lighting and the use of reflectors. We also explored some simple ways to use a single flash for creative lighting.flash Hopefully those who attended will now be inspired to go home and try out some of the techniques with flash or even utilise the ordinary lighting they have around the home to create interesting and alternative images from household objects. SM
Above:Balanced Flash with Ambient Light

rim-lightRobin Gregory commented -
After all the weather warnings of snow and ice, seven 'die hard ' club members managed to get to the club meeting last night (22nd January)
Walking through the sports club car park gave me some idea to how many members would turn out, only two car's... one was Stephen's the other car had been there for days and was well snowed in.
Stephen began using just the one flash mounted on his camera explaining how to use the zoom on the flash and how to manage the strength of the light (flash), we moved on to having flash's mounted on stands (tripods) two or three going off at once - creating soft shadows or hard shadows on our model..... me. A more creative theme was demonstrated combining the flash and camera to give movement to an image, John was volunteered to be the model for this part of the evening. Stephen showed how he used flash to create some of his own images -  portraits, on a beach, in a church yard, action pictures and landscapes.
At the end of the evening, the table Stephen had set him self up on was full of leads, flash guns, gizmos for this, gadgets for that, a laptop,IPad, IPhone, beer glasses, a wine for the ladies.....
A big thanks to Stephen McGrath for showing the six of us where to Flash and where not to!
Competition 3 entries willl be collected on 29 January. Above: Rim Lighting

Landscape Group Field Trip to Sidmouth                                    11-13 January 2013

landscape group at burton bradstock - robertNineteen members and partners converged on Sidmouth, Devon for the Landscape Group's annual weekendby the sea, superbly organised once again by Robert Harvey (whose group shot is shown right).  As we arrived on Friday night, a storm was already brewing, and first thing on Saturday, a few hardy souls drove over to Lyme Regis to see massive waves crashing over The Cobb habour wall. 

Conditions didn't appear promising for photography, though the driving rain did relent from time to time, so after a few shots of a very red sea off Sidmouth beach, the group moved on to Beer, to see the beach based fishing fleet.  Here at least was a prospect of getting some graphic images of boats on the shingle - if only the rain would stop splashing the front of the lens.  Eventually, most opted to thaw out by the fire of the local pub, along with hot drinks and soup.

Excellent evening entertainment on both Friday and Saturday was provided by Robert Harvey, on Friday to show what pictures could be taken locally if only the sun would shine, and on Saturday with one of his inimitable quizzes.  Highlight of the quiz was surely the round in which the four team leaders were challanged to speak for 'Just A Minute' on aspects of their photographic lives.  We never did find out what happened to pictures of Hilary in compromising positions!  Well done to Chris Beard's 'Pixel Peepers' for winning the quiz.

Sunday proved to be a completely different day weatherwise, and we finally got some of the images we had been looking for.  A good sized party met up at 7am to drive through the dark to Ladram Bay and wait for the rising sun to illuminate sandstone cliffs and rock stacks, before getting back to the hotel just in time for breakfast.  We then headed to Lyme Regis, now under clear blue skies and unrecognisable from Saturday's storm.  Finally, Robert led the group to Burton Bradstock and a wave-cut platform only exposed at unusually low tides, which provides a very photogenic foil to the sandstone cliffs behind.  About half an hour before scheduled sunset, the sun disappeared into a bank of thick cloud, at which point all remaining members of the group decided it was time to head for home.

pre-dawn light at ladram bay - dave

All in all, the group had a superb weekend, for which we have to thank Robert Harvey for organising the hotel bookings, for sharing his knowledge of this coastline with the rest of the group, and for entertaining us on the long dark January evenings. DG

 Pre-dawn Light at Ladram Bay by Dave Gray

'A Landscape for all Seasons'                                                          15 January 2013

passing-storm-over-steamboat-rock2A warm welcome was given to Tony Worobiec FRPS who gave an excellent presentation demonstrating how photographs can be taken in all weathers at any time of day or night.
You just need to learn how to make the best of the ever changing light - rain, mist, full sun or dull light should not stop you finding something to photograph in any season of the year.
Tony showed a wide range of his superb images which illustrated how changing conditions could be used to advantage and how the light at dawn and dusk can completely change the appearance of a landscape. mist-wareham-forest2

Seascapes, mountains, forests and fields of flowers all showed the photographers skill in choosing the best way to portray the mood that the light and conditions gave.

Advice was given to members on how to take photographs in difficult conditions including after darkness had fallen - when often the long exposures needed gave the images a still, magical quality.
Tony is the author of many books on photography techniques and is sponsored by Fotospeed. A range of his superb prints using PF lustre photo paper were on display.PM

Above: Passing Storm over Steamboat Rock   Above right: Misty Wareham Forest © Tony Worobiec

Learning to Photograph Landscapes & Nature          Chris Beard              8 Jan 2013
Welcome back to existing club members and a warm welcome to our new members! We had the pleasure of hosting ex-committee and fellow member, Chris Beard, who in the short space of three years has found his talent and passion in life: "writing with light." He bought his first digital camera in order to photograph the wedding of his friend's daughter in Thailand and it seems that he never looked back! His photographic journey started with an artistic eye, progressing to experimentation with night scenes, back lighting on glass and capturing the light along the K&A canal. The result of this journey is an eclectic portfolio of landscape, nature, architectural, nighttime and portrait photography, and last but not least, his insect and fungi macro-photography, where his technical skill and attention to detail come alive. We ended the evening with a series of atmospheric monochrome images from Venice in the mist. Proof that Chris can work any scene into a masterpiece! LS  

beautiful demoisellesea of gold 
Beautiful Demoiselle (above) and Sea of Gold (right) © Chris Beard 
Nature Group visit to Langford Lakes                                         5 January 2013
12 keen photographers spent a day at this usually rewarding Wiltshire Wildlife Reserve in a still, cloudy and not too cold day.  The light was not marvelous but quite adequate for today’s digital cameras and certainly prevented high kingfishercontrast which can be a problem with a watery habitat.
The new lakes were explored but were dominated by a large flock of Canada Geese, which at least provided an exercise in trying to capture the ’decisive moment’, when some more interesting activity than sleep was a possibility.  We watched birds preening for some time and a brief wing stretch usually followed.  Some of us were successful in capturing the action.
However the rest of the day was spent in Robin’s hide where one - or was it two - Kingfishers perched in front of the hide, watching and diving for tiny fish.  Sometimes they perched very close - as if trying to see what we were up to - and provided superb close-up views of these beautiful birds.  I think everybody must have got a shot or two, and some of us even thought they got the best images of this species we had ever photographed in UK!
canada-gooseCatching the second or two when the bird was in clear view with a fish was extremely tricky, but the was well worth the visit - for me anyway.
The feeders had been reduced in number owing to the problem with rats which have increased in numbers recently as the Trust has only 3 feeders with plates to catch the spillage.  However some of the group spent some time with the small birds, and even a Great Spotted Woodpecker appeared from time to time.
Sadly the Bittern or the Smew, which had been seen a day or two previously, didn’t appear,but that's how it goes! GC  
Above: The very obliging Kingfisher posing for Hilary Eagles   Above right: Canada Goose Flapping by Gill Cardy ARPS DPAGB AFIAP
'Print Knock-out'                                                                 18 December 2012
winter-morningFor the last meeting of 2012 members and guests took part in a print knock-out competition which is not meant to be taken too seriously!
Two random prints are displayed side by side and a show of hands saves one print and knocks the other one out of the competition.
Finally after several rounds and some laughs at the choices that had to be made -a winner was declared.
Richard Atkinson's 'Winter Morning' canal side scene (left) was voted into first place with 'Scottish Wild Cat' by Dave Gray (below left)in 2nd place.'Gaudi Hologram' by Charlotte Morris LRPS (below right) was placed 3rd and 4th was 'Great Grey Owl' by Pam Mullings (below)
Many thanks to members who entered such an interesting array of prints into the competition.
catgaudi-hologramgrey-owlAfter the arm raising workout -members and guests made their way over to the tempting spread of food brought by members and organised by Jean Ingram.
Refreshments were served and the Sports Club bar was opened. Very soon most of the food had been eaten and Kingsley and John (bottom right) valiantly finished off the washing up. Members left after wishing each other a very merry Christmas having enjoyed a very good evening. PM
Workshop Demo using 'PicturesToExe'
Club members welcomed Tony Bryam ARPS DPAGB AWPF EFIAP and Jenny Bryam DPAGB EFIAP who had travelled from Bristol on a very cold and foggy evening. Jenny operated the computer and Tony gave a step by step demonstration showing the basics of making an Audio- Visual presentation using version 7.0 of 'Pictures to Exe'
Members were invited to suggest ideas about  ways to select and arrange the images taken at a 40's re-enactment to gave a flavour of the event and then select some suitable pieces of music.
Once members grasped the basics they were shown how they could play around with the various effects to give variety and interest to the presentation. Members were encouraged to think about making their own AV's in time for the club competition in March.
The evening was rounded off by showing Tony's AV titled 'Creative Venice' which showed superb images taken at the famous Venice carnival. Jenny's AV titled 'Broken Boats' had colourful images of traditional canal barges some of which were in a state of disrepair and was set to a very apt song about life on a canal.
Thanks Tony and Jenny for your helpful advise.   PM
Gods, Goddesses and the Green Man                  Ann Cook FRPS          4 December 2012
Ann is a people and portrait photographer and her presentation on the extraordinary people who attend the various festivals in Glastonbury was truly inspiring and also full of humour. She took us through scenes from the high street and pilgrimages to Glastonbury Tor and Chalice Well, focusing on the annual Goddess Conference, which attracts 400-500 women worldwide. Year after year, Ann has built a relationship of trust with the regular attendees she photographs, recording their evolution in a somewhat makeshift studio in the town hall! Her portraits cice snow and frostapture the beauty and spirit of each goddess (and the odd god!), a position of real privilege for her as a photographer. After showing us a few amusing prints from the May 1st Green Man festival, she ended with a scoop: a formation of naked bodies that made up the letters P-E-A-C-E on Glastonbury Hill in support of the campaign against the war in Iraq. An extraordinary evening! LS 
Ice, Snow and Frost © Ann Cook
the venetian
The Venetian © Ann Cook

Members' Projected Image League                                                     27 November 2012
It was the evening for our annual competition for the Hewitt cup, whereby each club member could enter up to three themed sets, each set made up of five digitally projected images. Club members present on the night judged a total of 43 sets of themes. These included scenes from Africa to Waikiki, via Iceland, Rwanda and Venice, to name but a few! We saw some stunning sets of wildlife and landscape images, as well as themes of a more creative nature, such as Brazilian Dancers and A Creative Interpretation. Thank you to Pam for putting together a short demo at the start and for the seamless presentation of all 215 images!
damselWe now have the results! Our thanks go to Treasurer, Phil Raistrick, who did all the calculations. The sets were scored by 36 members present on the night. Each set was averaged and each member's three sets were totalled to give the result.
Congratulations to Pam Mullings who won first place, followed very closely by Chris Beard and Robert Harvey ARPS. The top final score was battled out to four decimal places! LP

        Image from Chris Beard's winning set 'Damsels & Dragons' right
            See the top 15 sets in the PI  LEAGUE GALLERY
 Click here to see the score for the top 30 sets.    Click here to see which members made it into the top 10
The Untitled Monochrome Print Lecture       Andy Beel FRPS                  20 Nov 2012 

Fotospeed photographer, Andy Beel, gave us an inspiring presentation of his monochrome prints from around the world and of Icelandic landscapes in particular. 

Working in Lightroom and Photoshop, he is an expert at using digital technology to recreate the darkroom process, having spent eight years perfecting the Lith print effect. He also enjoys infrared and Lensbaby photography, often using split tones to great effect.

His work is all about tone, light, texture and shape, 
creating a dramatic, gritty style. Each print of his was a work of art. In his own words: "The photographer is the person who takes the photo and who also prints it." 

Andy gave us very handy tips on lighting, inks, types of paper and useful tools when processing the RAW file for black & white photography. He also gives one-to-one and master classes, an opportunity not to be missed! LS

Shutter Chatter                                                                                        19 November 2012
Fourteen members attended the Shutter Chatter on the 19th November.  We had a really fruitful evening and everyone went away with some ideas on how to improve their images.  We had an introduction to the Develop module in Lightroom and we made use of both Lightroom and Photoshop to enhance the pictures.  The next Shutter Chatter meeting will take place early in February. JRR

Results of 2nd Open Competition                                                                 13 Nov 2012
Our thanks go to judge Patrick Emery from Frome Wessex camera club, who said he enjoyed judging our entries which were "a cut above other clubs." First, congratulations to new members Tim Pier, who came first in the Beginners' PI category, and Gill Ford, who won third place and a HC in this category. First place went to Liz Bates in the Beginners' Print category and she also gained a HC projected image. In the Intermediate section, Richard Atkinson won first place in the PI category and second place in the Print category, whilst Jean Ingram came first with a HC in the Print category. In the General category, where competition was tougher than usual due to entries being limited to one per member for this event, first place went to Robert Harvey ARPS in Prints and to Stephen McGrath PI's. Well done to all those who entered! LS
Full results here                      Click 'Galleries' above to see the award winning images
Calne Woodlands CC Multi-Club Annual Digital Battle                 12th November
About twenty DCC members attended the Calne Multi Club Annual Digital Projected Image Battle at Calne Woodlands Social Club on Monday, 12th November. Seven clubs competed for the trophy and the competition was judged by Adrian Herring ARPS DPAGB. The hall (and, especially the car park!) were full and it was heartwarming to see such a good attendance. Thank you to Calne Woodlands Camera Club for a lovely evening!
Calne, Corsham, Devizes, Highworth, Swindon, Trowbridge and Warminster entered nine images each - making a total of 63 images. snowbird
Two of DCC's images, Goshawk Plucking Prey by Gill Cardy ARPS DPAGB AFIAP and Snowbird by Charlotte Morris LRPS achieved the maximum 20 points!! Well done to you both! Devizes Camera Club panel was outstanding and we won the competition with 164 points. In second place was Calne and Swindon was third. Best image of the competition went to Charlotte Morris LRPS for her beautiful picture, Snowbird (shown left)
Our thanks to all those members who submitted images for consideration for selection and congratulations to all those who had images selected! JRR
See all the Devizes CC entries
'100 Ways to take better Landscape and Nature Photographs'            6 November
Our regular Camera Club evening last night was a joint evening with Warminster Camera Club.
Twenty-five DCC members drove to Warminster to join the Warminster CC members (who co-hosted the evening with Devizes), to a presentation by Guy Edwardes.  
Guy, a well-known, professional photographer, based in South West England, specialises in moody landscapes and nature images.  He showed 300 images during the evening - the first half consisting of landscapes and travel images and the second half wildlife and nature.  Guy makes good use of backlighting and, with landscapes and nature photography, when the sun is not available, often uses a torch (from maglites to a huge and powerful torch, which, as Hilary Kay remarked, would need air traffic control clearance!) to paint or backlight the subjects.  
Guy's wildlife images, from the UK, Florida, Tanzania and South Africa showed a wide range of subjects from insects to the larger predators.  
When photographing birds in flight, Guy shoots on manual exposure and exposes for the hightlights.  This results in photographs with great mood.
Our thanks go Guy, his wife Cat (who sold lots of books!) and to the Warminster members, for a very enjoyable evening. JRR

Left: 'Gannet Colony'                                                     Above: 'Crown Mines'
Mark Carwardine                                                                                                   31 October
What a superb evening!  Everyone had to battle the dreadful weather to get to the Arc Theatre in Trowbridge but those who managed to get there, albeit rather soggy and wet, were treated to a smorgasbord of wildlife images and superb video clips.mark-c  
Mark, an excellent speaker, emphasised the need for patience and perseverance when doing wildlife photography.  His presentation was humorous and relaxed as he took us to some amazing locations in search of specific species.  His passion for whales and dolphins has resulted in some stunning images and he is also passionate in his efforts to save the rhino.  sharkIncredible underwater footage of dolphins swimming in front of the bow of the boat was a favourite as were the images of the lucky whale watchers being able to touch and tickle the whales as they approached the boats. 
Mark's approach to wildlife photography is in the purest sense.  
He does minimal post camera tweaking and it was so refreshing to see natural, simple images.  He also was very complimentary about the Devizes Camera Club website.  He found it excellent, with lots of interest, exciting images and thought the wildlife particularly good!
Our thanks to Mark and Rachel (who sold lots of books and prints!) for a wonderful evening and also thanks to Anthony Bruton, theatre manager at the Arc Theatre - for another superbly managed experience. JRR
                                                                                                                          Images by kind permission of Mark Carwardine
An evening with Robin Gregory                                                          30 October
Robin joined Devizes camera club eight years ago and tonight he took us on a personal photographic journey with a central, recurring theme: unbridled imagination. For Robin, photography is not about the camera or the lens, it's about that creative spark and how he achieves the finished result. His imagateges are artistic: blurry, grainy, composite, textured and... provocative. And full of humour, especially his AVs! His unique style also comes across in his family portraits which are often very moving, speaking volumes about things which cannot always be put into words. Robin's talent and creativity are a real asset to the club - may he continue to inspire us! LS    in and now out

Images by Robin Gregory
Left: Gate 
Above: In... and Now Out

'How to Make Good Pictures Great - and Win Competitions'              23 October
seaArtist and graphic designer - now turned photographer, Mark Mumford FRPS travelled from S. Wales to demonstrated to club members how a fairly ordinary seascape could be transformed into a stunning award winning image.
The resulting image is 'The Power of the Sea' shown left. 
Various images were then shown - both before and after being digitally enhanced using a variety of techniques.

With skilful manipulation and a lot of imagination an ordinary photograph could almost magically be transformed into something quite extraordinary.moon

Members were left in awe as Mark used his creative talents to demonstrate how he produces his distinctive imaginative images.
Mark is a member of the RPS Digital Imaging Group and gained his FRPS with a panel of surreal images. He told club members that his latest images are even more complex and intriguing.
A friend once joked that Mark was ‘losing his marbles’ so he skilfully created a series of images featuring marbles in many extraordinary situations.  PM
                                                                 Right: 'Moon Tower and Angels'
Shutter Chatter                                                                                                 17 October 
A very enjoyable Shutter Chatter evening was held at Devizes Sports Club on Wednesday, 17th October 2012. Sixteen members were present and Joan and Clive Rathband hosted the informal evening to assist members with their images and showed how to edit and improve them using Photoshop.  Resizing images in Photoshop also formed part of the instruction.  Jean Ingram showed members how to resize images in Adobe Elements.  Members who were present were able to make suggestions or ask questions - from basic to more advanced queries.  Everyone learned something.  Thank you to Pam and Stephen McGrath for their input.  We would also like to thank Jean Ingram for organising the tea and coffee.  A very warm thanks to everyone for pitching in and helping to wash up and clear everything away at the end of the evening!

Dear Joan & Clive  I just wanted to write and thank you again for a most enjoyable and informative evening.  I feel I learnt so much and was madly making notes - whether I will be able to decipher the notes taken in a darkened room is another matter(!!), but I am definitely going to try some of the lasso work that Joan demonstrated.  How lucky the Club is to have two professionals so willing to give their time and expertise to assist others to become better and, to use Joan's word "bolder"!!  I am already looking forward to the next event. Sheelagh Hiscock

Hi to you both.  Just to say that I (and I expect all those that came) thought what an informative and successful evening it was.  It gives a chance for members to ask even very basic questions and get an answer and, in most cases, a demonstration.   I can think of at least a dozen members who did not come but could really have benefited from the evening - maybe if it had been as part of regular Tuesday evenings they would have come. Even if members just come to such meetings to just watch they should learn something that they can then use to improve their own photos.  It has to be hoped that the other groups run their evenings in a very similar way and include all abilities as much as possible. It will all depend on the skill of those taking these tutorial meetings but it should address the request by members in the survey for more instruction. Thanks for all the time and effort you both put in. Kind regards Pam

Nature Group visit to Devon                                                                        13 October
harvest-miceThe West Country Wildlife Photography Centre started 3 years ago as an adjunct to the David Gow Consultancy for breeding and reintroduction of Water voles and Beavers. They have only British mammals, many of them very difficult to see in the wild.otter
Of course most photographers would prefer to photograph genuine wild animals, but this was a useful exercise in observing what they eat, how they move and behave when in comfortable surroundings. Anyway it was a great pleasure just to spend some time with these fascinating species. 
We were given opportunities to photograph Harvest mice, Bank voles, 
Water shrews, (who never stopped moving and presented a great challenge), a Water vole, a beautiful and very tame Red Fox, European otters , who were very curious and came to examine our tripods, Polecat, several Muntjac, and a hedgehog. 
A knowledgeable animal handler showed the animals to their best advantage in specially built sets, some in a specially built daylight-white polytunnel, which was welcome when the rain fell, as it did, occasionally heavily, during the day.
The only disappointment of the day was the non-appearance of the only truly wild animals of the trip – badgers.
Well, that’s wildlife for you – nothing can be guaranteed. GC
 Above left: Harvest Mice by Chris Beard   Above right: European Otter by Dave Gray

A selection of photographs can be seen in the Nature Group Gallery
A Passion for Landscape           Ed Collacott                                                      16 October 2012
Our members were treated to a visual feast with Ed's succession of breathtaking landscape prints, many of which are reproduced in his book, Landscape Britain. He showed us how "the patterns, textures and natural forms that reflect nature's rhythms are a continual source of inspiration," from the moody black and white tree scenes and the subtle hues of sunrise to the intense colours of spring and autumn. And the beauty of it is that he still works with film! As a professional photographer, he does a lot of wild camping (in his red camper van!), indulging in his love of the countryside and remote places. Always on the lookout for a different angle, his advice is to be patient. And judging by the superb quality of his work, he certainly achieves this! LS  

edcwildcamping edcsandwoodbay
Left: Ed's camper van in the wilderness of Loch Meadie and Ben Loyal. Right: Sandwood Bay, one of Ed's first digital photos, taken after a five-mile walk to this location.
Competition 1 results                                                                               9 October 2012
Our thanks go to judge John Hoskins, a regular guest at our club, who gave great feedback on all levels of photography in this competition. Our new members performed extremely well, with Sara Nelson winning first place in the Beginners Projected Images category, Vivienne Lewis in second place in the Beginners Print category, and John Lewis and Martin Horton in third place in the Intermediate and General Print categories respectively. Well done to Richard Atkinson for winning first place in both Intermediate Print and PI categories, as well as a HC projected image. Derek Mason won first place in the Beginners Print category and third place in the Beginners PI category. Robin Gregory and Chris Beard were in usual form, winning first place in General PI and Print categories respectively, with a special mention to Chris who was highly commended for his Common Blue Damselfly print, which the judge preferred horizontal to vertical! LS

butterflyin the grasswinter morning rideflying the flag
 Butterfly in Grass by Sara Nelson            Early Morning Ride by Richard Atkinson         Flying the Flag by Robin Gregory
    Winner Beginners PI category                   Winner Intermediate Print category                Winner General PI category

See the full results of this competition here             Winning images can be seen in the Galleries
Wildlife Photography Through the Year       Jill Pakenham FRPS                    2 October 2012
Jill was recently awarded a Fellowship at the Royal Photographic Society, its highest distinction which recognises original work and outstanding ability in a specialist field. Most of her submissions to the RPS were included in her outstanding selection of images of British wildlife through the four seasons. Jill has an in-depth knowledge of species and is keen to share tips on hide photography, how to photograph birds in flight or mammals at ground level, how macro photography is best used for insects and plants. Her images are often full of humour and we delighted in the fact that she beat Springwatch's Simon King to it when a rare sighting of a Polecat family was reported! It was a privilege to host a very gifted photographer and expert in natural history. And our thanks go to Joan for her timely contributions with the bird song app! 
red underwinggannets diving
Red Underwing (left) and Gannets Diving (right) © Jill Pakenham

The Judges Declare...
... Stephen McGrath as the winner of our September YOU BE THE JUDGE competition with his entry Talacre Light Moonlite. Well done Stephen! This competition has now come to an end after running for one year. Thanks to all those who submitted entries over the past few months and thanks to everyone who voted every month. Ideas for a new interactive element on our website are welcome! LS
On Your Doorstep       Colin Harrison FRPS MFIAP MPAGB EFIAP/b                            25 Sept 2012
The club welcomed Colin Harrison, recently retired as Technical Illustrator at RAF Brize Norton, and keen to show how rich in material the area around his hometown, Burford, Oxon, can be for the perceptive photographer. His wildlife shots were taken in his back garden and at the Cotswold Wildlife Park, he photographed demonstrators, re-enactors and interesting characters at country shows. He documented scenes from a leakage on an industrial site and made the most of a rare opportunity for air-to-air photography of military planes. Colin's focus was very much about location and finding those places, events and people on your doorstep. He also gave us some useful tips on how to improve a rather dull or uninteresting photograph with a poor background using post-processing software. LS
Photography Competition
woodborough-hillMany congratulations to Dave Gray for being voted the winner in
'My Favourite Place', a photographic competition to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the designation of the North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Dave wins a Panasonic Lumix GX-1 with 14/42 PZ lens, worth £757.99 for his photograph of Woodborough Hill.
Back to Basics                                                                                                           18 Sept 2012
Dave Gray and Clive Rathband FRPS FPSSA EFIAP, a couple of the more experienced members from our club, took us back to basics on digital camera settings, composition and lighting, using examples to illustrate their talk. Dave shared his tips on what file format to shoot in, metering options, white balance settings, ISO levels and shooting modes. Clive focused on what makes a good composition and how cropping or flipping an image may improve it. A useful evening for the less experienced photographer and any new members looking for the basic starting points from which to improve their photography. LS
Members can download a Back to Basics - Camera settings pdf   by logging into MEMBERS INFORMATION
Jane Austen Festival Promenade, Bath                                                 15 September 2012
Bayonet chargeDevizes Camera Club were asked to be the official photographers for the Grand Costumed Parade, which marks the official opening of the week-long Jane Austen Festival in Bath. 
A small detachment of the 32nd Cornwall Regiment commenced proceedings with a display on the Royal Crescent Lawns, including a musket firing demonstration, before marching to Queen Square to lead the main Parade. 
Over 500 people in full Regency Costume took part in the Parade from Queen Square down the full length of Milsom Street and past the Pump Rooms and Bath Abbey, ending in Parade Gardens. 
The event draws participants from all over the World and already holds the record for the most people in Regency Costume gathered in the same place. 16 photographers from the Club took part and we were lucky with both the weather and the light in our efforts to capture images of all the different aspects of this very special event.  FC
Some of the many photographs taken by members can be seen in the JANE AUSTEN GALLERY in the lefthand menu.  
20th RPS International AV Festival 2012
Congratulations to Joan Ryder Rathband for gaining an acceptance for her revamped sequence, Lest We Forget.  The Festival was held in Cirencester this weekend and there were some outstanding sequences from across the globe.  Results page.
'The Idle Rich - Sliding into Digital'  Leo Rich  ARPS EFIAP/b APAGB        11 September 2012
Leo Rich, after many years of slide photography  has left behind his beloved film camera and embraced the big new world of digital photography!
'Towards Burg Eltz in Snow'
After being disappointed with his first foray into digital in 2005 Leo tried several different digital cameras and now rather reluctantly admits that he has found one that equals his film camera and is rather enjoying the digital experience!
In his usual relaxed and entertaining manner Leo recalled some of his recent photographic adventures in various parts of the world.
India is a country Leo visits time & time again and as never one to stick to the tourist trail he likes to visit out of the way villages where he is fascinated by the many interesting characters both young and old who are only too pleased to pose for him.
Leo describes himself as ‘a people photographer’ but also likes to photograph wildlife and recalled some close encounters while photographing tigers.
Living up to his motto ‘live every day to the full’ Leo is very much involved in the photographic world and is currently vice chairman of the PAGB.
The award winning photograph (shown left) with its well-placed red umbrella is just as taken and has not been given a ‘Photoshop’ colour change because as Leo says - he would not even know how to do that yet!           PM
More Salon Successes!
23 Acceptances including a NCPF Ribbon in Projected Images - plus 3 Print Acceptances including a NCPF Ribbon =  Fantastic results!  in the 33rd Northern Counties International Salon of Photography 2012
Well done to Chris Beard, Gill Cardy ARPS DPAGB AFIAP (Digital and Prints and a fantastic Ribbon!), Kevin Ferris, Robert Harvey ARPS, Charlotte Morris LRPS (fantastic Ribbon!), Clive Rathband FRPS FPSSA EFIAP and Joan Ryder Rathband FRPS FPSSA.
In addition, another 8 acceptances!! Congratulations to Rod Stowell ARPS DPAGB who gained 8 acceptances in four salons - Southampton 99th International Exhibition, 2012 Bristol Salon of Photography, Danish Digital 2012 in Denmark and the 36th Greater Lynn International Color Exhibition in the USA!

Please read the updated Ryder Rathband Trophy requirements
Open Evening: Welcome to New and Existing members                       4 Sept 2012
The club held an informal meeting to start off the new season. Our Chairman, Frank Collins, introduced the committee members and gave a brief overview of what the club does. Dave Gray, our Landscape group leader, then gave a short presentation about the group's activities, including digital images from various field trips. Gill Cardy, our Nature group leader, is away at the moment so Clive Rathband continued with details of the club's Shutter Chatter group. In the second half of the evening we saw a selection of digital images and AVs from club members, a perfect way to whet the appetite for the season ahead! LS  
Royal Photographic Society’s 2012 International Projected Image Exhibition
Three Acceptances!  Congratulations to Gill Cardy ARPS DPAGB, Robert Harvey ARPS and Joan Ryder Rathband FRPS FPSSA.  This is always a very tough salon to crack, so well done to you all. Results

Please read the updated Ryder Rathband Trophy requirements and FIAP Distinctions Requirements.


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