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'The Idle Rich - Sliding into Digital'  Leo Rich  ARPS EFIAP/b APAGB        11 September 2012
Leo Rich, after many years of slide photography  has left behind his beloved film camera and embraced the big new world of digital photography!
'Towards Burg Eltz in Snow'
After being disappointed with his first foray into digital in 2005 Leo tried several different digital cameras and now rather reluctantly admits that he has found one that equals his film camera and is rather enjoying the digital experience!
In his usual relaxed and entertaining manner Leo recalled some of his recent photographic adventures in various parts of the world.
India is a country Leo visits time & time again and as never one to stick to the tourist trail he likes to visit out of the way villages where he is fascinated by the many interesting characters both young and old who are only too pleased to pose for him.
Leo describes himself as ‘a people photographer’ but also likes to photograph wildlife and recalled some close encounters while photographing tigers.
Living up to his motto ‘live every day to the full’ Leo is very much involved in the photographic world and is currently vice chairman of the PAGB.
The award winning photograph (shown left) with its well-placed red umbrella is just as taken and has not been given a ‘Photoshop’ colour change because as Leo says - he would not even know how to do that yet!           PM
More Salon Successes!
23 Acceptances including a NCPF Ribbon in Projected Images - plus 3 Print Acceptances including a NCPF Ribbon =  Fantastic results!  in the 33rd Northern Counties International Salon of Photography 2012
Well done to Chris Beard, Gill Cardy ARPS DPAGB AFIAP (Digital and Prints and a fantastic Ribbon!), Kevin Ferris, Robert Harvey ARPS, Charlotte Morris LRPS (fantastic Ribbon!), Clive Rathband FRPS FPSSA EFIAP and Joan Ryder Rathband FRPS FPSSA.
In addition, another 8 acceptances!! Congratulations to Rod Stowell ARPS DPAGB who gained 8 acceptances in four salons - Southampton 99th International Exhibition, 2012 Bristol Salon of Photography, Danish Digital 2012 in Denmark and the 36th Greater Lynn International Color Exhibition in the USA!

Please read the updated Ryder Rathband Trophy requirements
Open Evening: Welcome to New and Existing members                       4 Sept 2012
The club held an informal meeting to start off the new season. Our Chairman, Frank Collins, introduced the committee members and gave a brief overview of what the club does. Dave Gray, our Landscape group leader, then gave a short presentation about the group's activities, including digital images from various field trips. Gill Cardy, our Nature group leader, is away at the moment so Clive Rathband continued with details of the club's Shutter Chatter group. In the second half of the evening we saw a selection of digital images and AVs from club members, a perfect way to whet the appetite for the season ahead! LS  
Royal Photographic Society’s 2012 International Projected Image Exhibition
Three Acceptances!  Congratulations to Gill Cardy ARPS DPAGB, Robert Harvey ARPS and Joan Ryder Rathband FRPS FPSSA.  This is always a very tough salon to crack, so well done to you all. Results

Please read the updated Ryder Rathband Trophy requirements and FIAP Distinctions Requirements.

Club Exhibition at Hillworth Park, Devizes                                               11 August 2012
To publicise the opening of the newly refurbished Hillworth Park in Devizes, the Town Council asked DCC to run this event in the new Park Centre building. The club put on a display of prints and projected images from its members, some of whom were available to answer questions on photography. 
Left: Club members at Hillworth Park 
The Single-Use Camera competition organised by Mike Halstead on behalf of Devizes Town Council had 21 entries from under 16's and was judged by DCC members Frank Collins, Stephen McGrath and Dave Gray.
The competition photographs were all taken on the opening day of the refurbished Hillworth Park. 
Below are some of the prize winners. 
Laura Chidwick
1st place
Megan Clark
2nd place & Highly Commended
Henry Davies
3rd place

Photographs by Gill Cardy & Leila Searight
The Judges Declare...
... Clive Rathband FRPS FPSSA EFIAP and Robert Harvey ARPS joint winners of our July YOU BE THE JUDGE competition. Well done to you both! We will take a break from the competition during the month of August though members are welcome to email their entry for September in the meantime.
Enjoy the holidays! LS
PAGB Inter- Club Projected Image Championships
 We had a super time at Warwick today for the PAGB PDI Inter-Club Championships with 20 members, friends and spouses there to witness the event. We did very well and certainly did not disgrace ourselves.
After Rounds 1 & 2 we were just 5 points behind the Club in 8th Place, so we just missed out on the Championship Final. We then competed in the Plate Competition with the other 29 Clubs. In this Competition we had the 7th highest score - 7 points behind the winner, but due to ties we were officially in 10th Place. A very credible result in our first Championships.
The judges were Colin Harrison, FRPS MFIAP MPAGB FBPE FIPF EFIAP/s, Bob Moore Hon FRPS MPAGB Hon PAGB and Dr David Wheeler FRPS MFIAP EFIAP/s DPAGB. As always there were a wide range of marks and we had to adjust our entry in Round 2 and the Plate to try and make the most of our entry.
The Championship Winner was Wigan 10 with Smethwick PS 2nd, Amersham PS 3rd and Plymouth CC 4th. The Winner of the Plate Competition was Tenby and District C C.

Thank you to all members who gave us images to select from. Unfortunately we were not able to use images from all of you but the selection was extremely difficult due to the constraints of the Competition Rules and trying not to use similar images to other Clubs. We trust you will continue to give us your support in the Inter-Club battles in the coming season.  CR
 DCC Images gaining over 13 points                  Devizes CC results pdf.                      Full results pdf.
DCC Social Event - Saturday 30 June 2012

chatThe last day of June 2012 was certainly an afternoon and evening of sunshine and showers. Heavy downpours made it necessary to abandon the lovely garden and crowd into the conservatory at very frequent intervals!! rain

It was such a shame the weather let us down but nevertheless most members and guests managed to take a tour of the interesting garden and a few persevered and completed the garden quiz while others attempted a very quick game of croquet but rushed inside like drowned rats when the heavens suddenly opened once more!

garden-quizDespite the changeable weather members enjoyed themselves and were able to catch up on the photography chat and some even managed to watch the latest happenings at Wimbledon as well!frank

The event was held at 'Silver Birches' Winterbourne Bassett  and the club gives a very big  thankyou to Sarah and Robert Harvey for the use of their house and garden.
Many thanks go to Clive and Joan Rathband for all their hard work in preparing much of the large buffet set out in the conservatory, also to Frank Collins for his splendid barbeque which luckily was under cover and also thanks to Gill Cardy, Jean Ingram and others for their contributions.

If any other members took any photos at the event then please send them to me for the website.  PM

AGM & Presentations                                                                                        15  May  2012
Our club's 2011/2012 season drew to a close this week, though the Nature and Landscape groups will continue to meet over the summer. We also have a social event to look forward to at the end of the month. Members of the committee each gave us a brief report on this year's achievements, the highlights of which included our club winning 2nd place in DPIC, thus taking us through to the National PAGB Federation Digital Competition in July; our unprecedented success in interclub competitions; our sold-out event at the Arc Theatre last autumn and DCC becoming an associate member of Devizes Sports Club from this September. The leaders of our Nature, Landscape and Shutter Chatter groups reported continued interest from a high number of members.
Chairman Frank Collins summed up the very busy and challenging year and thanked all those who have contributed to the smooth running and success of the club. Frank said that members should be very proud that a club from a small market town will be competing on the national stage later in the year.
group2After electing the new committee, members received their club certificates and trophies. Well done to Hilary Eagles, Chris Beard, Robert Harvey, Stephen McGrath, Joan Ryder Rathband, Kevin Ferris and everyone who received trophies. The new Ralph Pullen Memorial trophy presented by his wife Barbara, was a high point of the evening. Next season we can also look forward to the Silver Birches trophy, donated by Robert Harvey for the best landscape print. Have a great summer! LS   
                2011-2012 Award winners at the presentation
More photographs here                           Club awards list here
Instructional Evening                                                                                   8 May 2012
Both experienced photographers and members who were relatively new to photography enjoyed an interesting evening of demonstrations by members showing various photographic techniques.
The evening began with Clive Rathband FRPS FPSSA EFIAP presenting parts of the series of interactive DVD's by David Boag entitled 'Natural Focus'.  Equipment, technical basics and creativity  were very well illustrated and all aspects of camera settings, lenses etc. were fully explained in an interesting and easy to follow manner.
The set of 'Natural Focus' DVD's can be ordered from David Boags website.
Stephen McGrath then gave an excellent demonstration using Photoshop Elements which changed a rather ordinary landscape into a stunning image with a dark brooding sky over a field of glowing yellow rape seed.
A few tips for beginners were given by Pam Mullings showing how images can be easily improved using simple editing - horizons straightened - images cropped and irritating distractions removed.
Robin Gregory finished the informative evening using Photoshop CS5 to demonstrate  more advanced editing techniques.  The original coloured image was expertly transformed by Robin using adjustment layers and masks into a dramatic monochrome landscape. PM
Ladies v Gents Battle                                                                              1 May 2011
Tuesday evening saw the clubs competition season draw to a close with the popular Ladies v Gents Battle, a truly fun competition where everyone has the opportunity to take part. Last time the Ladies won a convincing victory and Gents were left in no doubt who wore the trousers in Devizes Camera Club, so it would be interesting to see if the ladies could retain their edge.swan Adrian Herring ARPS, DPAGB and his wife Vanessa LRPS were the judges for the evening and had to judge 30 prints and 30 DPI's and each would award a mark out of 10 for each image.
It would be fair to say this was an excellent evening with Adrian and Vanessa judging each image in great detail and they were quite harsh with some of their comments but totally fair and gave some very constructive feedback to members. It was gratifying to see that so many members had entered images of a such a high standard that the scores awarded for the images were very close indeed. Special mention must go to Gill Cardy for getting maximum 20 points with both her images Golden Eagle on Prey and Capercaillie AttackOnce all 30 prints had been judged and the scores checked and double checked it became clear that the ladies might have had some of theglastonbury-tor highest scoring images but the gents were more consistent as the scores were tied at 215 points each and so it wacarmine-bee-eaterss all to play for after the break with the PDI's. Again Adrian and Vanessa set about their task with great relish and provided excellent feedback on all the images, there was only one PDI that was awarded a maximum of 20 points and this was another of our ladies - congratulations to Charlotte Morris with her excellent Swan in Snowstorm (top right). Mentions must go also to Pam Mullings who scored an excellent 19 points with her Carmine Bee Eatestagrs (left) but the gents also managed to get 19 points with Steve Morris's image Stag (bottom right) and Robert Harvey's Glastonbury Tor at Dawn (middle right) - very well done to Steve and Robert.
The final result was too close to call - had the ladies triumphed once again or had the gents been victorious? Robin Gregory had been keeping score via the DiCentra software and no one knew the final result until he pushed the button and the result flashed up on the screen. Amazingly once again it was a tie at 224 points for each team! After 60 images and 120 marks being awarded there was absolutely nothing to choose between our ladies and gents. Personally I feel that this was a fitting conclusion not only to the evening but also the club's season that has seen us do so well in all competitions - congratulations to everyone. The ladies team had images from 15 members in their entry while the gents were represented by 16 different members. CB

Fordingbridge Challenge 2012 25 April 2012

Devizes Camera Club visited Fordingbridge Camera Club on Wednesday evening to take part in the annual Fordingbridge Challenge competition.

This Battle is a regular in our season and we have had some good results in previous seasons but would we be able to continue our run of good form?

To take part in the event we have to cross the border and enter into the Southern Counties Photographic Federation area and compete against some of the best clubs from this region, never an easy prospect. The judge for the evening was Glyn Edmunds DPAGB, EFIAP/s, PPSA a very experienced and widely travelled photographer.

The format of the evening was 8 rounds of projected images from each of the 10 participating clubs with Glyn judging fordingbridgethe images 'cold' (he had not viewed them before the competition), he then gave his opinion on each image and then awarded a mark out of 10. Any images he thought were particularly meritorious he held back until the end, this made adding up the points total very difficult as the images he held back were not awarded points at this stage. It was quite clear to all in attendance that the images were all of an extraordinarily high standard and the result was going to be extremely close. At the half time break some rough calculations had Devizes Camera Club ahead by 1 point but with 2 Gold Medal winning images to come we felt in a strong position.
Pictured above -Fordingbridge CC Chairman Michael Whatmore AFIAP BPEI* & Gill Cardy ARPS DPAGB -Devizes CC Vice Chair.
Read more

Print & Projected Image of the Year
Judge: Margaret Collis ARPS DPAGB APAGB Hon. EFIAP
24 April 2012

Entries for the final competition of the season were members images that have been awarded 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in
Nature, Landscape, Creative, Set subject 'British' and Open club competitions during the 2011-2012 season. 

Very experienced photographer and judge Margaret Collis had no problem judging such a miscellany and gave members her helpful and informative comments and judgment on all of the 84 prints and projected images.

Cape Fox & Pup
Cape Fox & Pup by Joan Ryder Rathband
Congratulations go to Joan Ryder Rathband FRPS FPSSA who was awarded 1st. and also 3rd. place in the General Projected Image category.
Well HidddenChris Beard gained 1st. place and an HC in Intermediate and Liz Bates 1st. in Beginners Projected Images.

1st. place in General Prints went to Pam Mullings with Kevin Ferris placed 1st. in Intermediate Prints with 'Well Hidden' (shown left)
Hilary Eagles was awarded 1st place in Beginners Prints.

Many congratulations go to all those awarded places. 
Trophies and certificates will be presented to all those with awards in this seasons club competitions at the AGM on 15 May.  PM

All of the  images that gained awards can be seen in the Galleries
Full Results here

WCPF Members Projected Image Exhibition  2012                              21 April 2012
A total entry of 969 images were entered in the Projected Image Exhibition, with 276 in the Creative Section, 230 in the Nature Section and 463 in the General Section.  Overall there were 55 Acceptances n the Creative Section, 62 Acceptances in the Nature Section and 107 Acceptances in the General Section.

Devizes Camera Club did brilliantly and we are thrilled that Richard Atkinson and Pam Mullings gained their first acceptances in Salons!!

In total, DCC gained 18 Acceptances, with 6 Highly Commended Awards, 2 Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) Ribbons and one Silver Medal.  Congratulations to Richard Atkinson, Gill Cardy ARPS DPAGB, Kevin Ferris, Robert Harvey ARPS, Charlotte Morris, Pam Mullings, Clive Rathband FRPS FPSSA EFIAP and Joan Ryder Rathband FRPS FPSSA on a fantastic achievement.

Please click on the Salons link at the top of the DCC Website and then click on the Salon Results link to view the details.

                         Click the sections below to view the images and results on the WCPF website

                          General Section                      Creative section                       Nature section    
 joan clive pam
WCPF PRESIDENT Brian Galbraith CPAGB presents a HC certificate and a Silver medal to Joan Ryder Rathband,
a HC certificate to Clive Rathband and a HC certificate and Ribbon to Pam Mullings 
155th RPS International Print Exhibition 2012
Congratulations to Gill Cardy ARPS DPAGB on a fantastic achievement in having a print accepted in the 155th Royal Photographic International Print Exhibition.  The following quote is taken from her acceptance letter:
"This year 2,800 prints were submitted from 747 photographers worldwide and 123 prints were selected for the exhibition (from 105 photographers).  May I take this opportunity to congratulate you on your success and for your contribution to a first class exhibition."
Please click on the Salons link at the top of the website and then on the Salon Results link to see the details.  Well done, Gill! JRR
RPS Projected Images Exhibition 2011                                                      17 April 2012
Club members were treated to a digital show of the RPS's prestigious Projected Images Exhibition from last year. The images were divided into two categories: General and Nature, and all images shown were acceptances. Among our members who featured were Joan Ryder Rathband FRPS FPSSA with one General acceptance and two Nature acceptances, Gill Cardy ARPS, Stephen McGrath and Clive Rathband FRPS FPSSA EFIAP, all with one Nature acceptance. LS
Creative Competition 10 April 2012
Thanks to judge Terry Walters for his honest critique of our club's print and projected image entries for the Demiurgic Cup. The creative force of photography was very much in evidence in this competition!
In the print category, Chris Beard won 1st place with
Arlington Row 1897, followed by Hilary Kay in 2nd place and Gill Cardy ARPS DPAGB in 3rd place.
Chris Beard & Rod StowellIn the projected image category, 1st place went to Robin Gregory with Desolation Angel (pictured right), followed by Chris Beard in 2nd place and Brian Ruddock in 3rd place. Hilary Kay also won a HC in the PI category and Stephen McGrath received a HC in each category.
The Demiurgic Cup went to Chris Beard for his winning print and was presented by Rod Stowell - the donor of the Trophy on 17 April.     Congratulations, Chris! LS
 Click here for full results.          All the winning images can be seen in the Galleries.
 Members can log in to see the points tables in MEMBERS INFORMATION.
WCPF Print Exhibition Results 2012
Three Highly Commended Awards as well as some acceptances!

Well done to Gill Cardy ARPS DPAGB, Kevin Ferris and Robert Harvey ARPS for their excellent results in the Western Counties Photographic Federation 2012 Print Exhibition. 

Almost 1,100 prints were entered and 261 prints were accepted.  150 prints will be shown at the Exhibition in Frome and the rest will be included in the Travelling Critique that will circulate around the WCPF Clubs over the next 15 months.  Only one accepted print from each entrant is included in the Travelling Critique.  Please click on the SALONS link at the top of our website and then on the SALON RESULTS to see which prints will be exhibited in Frome and which will be included in the Travelling Critique.

The Exhibition will be at the Rook Lane Gallery in Frome from  Sunday, 13th May to Saturday, 26thMay.

The Presentation of awards for trophies, medals, ribbons and highly commended prints will be at 2.00pm on Sunday 13thMay.  All entrants, WCPF Camera Club members and their guests are welcome. 

If you have entered digital images, these will be shown at The Corn Exchange, Exeter, on The Members Projected Image Day, Saturday 21stApril.  All projected image results and presentations will be made on that day.  Tickets are still available.  All Projected Image entrants will be notified of their individual scores during the week following 21stApril. JRR

To view the Medal Winners please click here:
 WCPF Print Exhibition Results

An Evening with Rosemary Wilman Hon FRPS BPE5* AFIAP                                       3 April 2012

It was a very great privilege for the club to welcome Rosemary Wilman - President of the Royal Photographic Society from 2009 - 2011 who showed us a large selection of her award winning prints.


The evening began with 30 prints from Rosemary’s ‘About Time’ exhibition at Fenton House Gallery which included some special favourites taken over many years.
The evening continued with a selection of interesting prints that transported us on a virtual world tour from Nepal to Cuba, from US to India, from Route 66 to Shanghai.
Interesting portraits from Belfast, snowy landscapes from Yellowstone NP, close up’s of flowers, rocks and wildlife showed a wide range of photographic interests and that Rosemary is not afraid to break the ‘rules’ with her photography.

 Thank you Rosemary for travelling from Surrey to show us such a large selection of excellent prints. PM

AV competition 27 March 2012
Judge Roger Mallison presided over our club's annual AV competition and with his 40 years experience in the audio-visual, gave very useful feedback on the 11 entries submitted. The subject matter for the evening included the African safari, bird & mammal eyes, a garden tour, surfing and a humorous take on death in Venice! Clive Rathband's inspiring "This Wood" was highly commended. Robert Harvey's Cornish "Atlantic Edge" came in third place and Joan Ryder Rathband's moving sequence on Wootton Bassett, "Lest We Forget", came second. The winning entry on the evening was "Dulcie" by Robin Gregory, which moved the judge beyond words! Congratulations, Robin, and thanks for sharing the beauty of new life! LS      rmallison
Judge Roger Mallison presents Robin Gregory with the Croall Plaque, donated by the husband of Mrs H. Croall (left) in 1974
Another evening with Barry Mead                                                  20 March 2012
Barry Mead FRPS EPAGB/s MPAGB came to the club this week and held his audience
enthralled with his images of wildlife and also his creative work. Barry's enthusiasm for his
subjects and the fun he finds travelling with friends in search of them clearly showed in this
extremely entertaining evening. The quality of his work is outstanding, and we saw landscapes,
birds and animals from Africa and the USA as well as some extraordinary, imaginative and
humorous images put together from a variety of places. Barry also showed his successful
MPAGB submission of 20 superb prints. GC
                 Giraffes at Sundown and Martial Eagle by Barry Mead. © Barry Mead
Visit to Calne Woodlands CC                                                                                19 March 2012
Our return visit to Calne Woodlands Camera Club was a most enjoyable evening.  Thirteen Devizes Camera Club members attended and we had a varied programme to share with the Calne members.  There were presentations by Chris Beard who showed a collection of his Wiltshire Landscapes and Dragonflies, Frank Collins with images of his recent trip to Cuba, Stephen McGrath on his visit to China, Gill Cardy ARPS DPAGB on her visit to Iceland and Robert Harvey ARPS with a fascinating talk on Astrophotography.  There was a display of DCC members' prints during the interval and we finished off the evening with four Audio-Visuals from Robert Harvey ARPS, Pam Mullings, Gill Cardy ARPS DPAGB and Clive Rathband FRPS FPSSA EFIAP.  Thank you to Calne Woodlands CC for hosting us and making everyone feel so welcome! JRR

2012 Saguaro International Nature Exhibition
Congratulations to Robert Harvey ARPS, who has gained two acceptances in this International Nature Exhibition.  Well done, Robert!  Please click on the Salons link at the top of the website and then navigate to the Salon Results link to view the details. JRR 
Competition 4  "British" 13 Mar 2012
The theme for this competition required rather more inspiration than usual from our members. The collection of prints and digital images judged by Peter Weaver APAGB CPAGB LRPS showed that our club rose to the challenge, as always! In the Beginners section, first place went to Hilary Eagles in the print category and to new member, Derek Mason, in the PI category. In the Intermediate section, Nick Smith won first place and a HC in the print category, as well as first and third place in the PI category. Well done, Nick! The winner in the General print category was Robert Harvey ARPS who also gained a HC, followed by Pam Mullings in second place, also with a HC. Joan Ryder Rathband FRPS FPSSA won first place in the General PI category, followed by Robin Gregory in second place, also with a HC. Congratulations to Joan for winning the set subject trophy on the night - her image "Paying Tribute" was the overall winning shot. LP
Click here for full results. Winning images can be seen in Galleries.
Stonehenge before Dawn by Nick Smith - winner Intermediate print category.
Left: Joan Ryder Rathband receives the trophy from judge Peter Weaver for her winning image Paying Tribute.

Nature Group visit to Slimbridge 10 March 2012

The Nature Group went to Slimbridge on March 10th, hoping for Bittern and Kingfisher. Unfortunately neither were seen but an enjoyable day's photography provided some practice in capturing white subjects in sun as the Swans displayed and fluffed up their feathers. The ducks were all resplendent in their breeding plumage and the flamingos were tempting in their various pink dress.
The latter provoked some reflection shots and spray flying as they bathed. goldeneyeIt was nice to see beautiful, though not wild, species such as the male Smew with his smart plumage of white with a bit of black. He's not easy to find in the wild. Fascinating, too, was the display of the male Goldeneye, as he called, then threw back his head almost to his tail in an effort to impress his mate. This was a bit of a challenge as he gives no warning of this speedy trick.

An hour or two was spent trying to get an uncluttered view of the many wild small birds on the feeders, as well as the beautiful male reed bunting on the ground – not a photogenic habitat!

Sadly we missed the shot of the day, as the Water Rail waited some time until we had left the viewing place before he ventured out into the open - the usual lot of the Nature Photographer. Only our keen bird watcher friends managed to see it. GC

 Goldeneyes Displaying by Jean Ingram.   See more Images in the NATURE GROUP GALLERY

Images from around the World          John Chamberlin FRPS MFIAP                              6 Mar 2012
A regular visitor to our club during the last 30 years, John Chamberlin always delivers the most inspiring photography from his latest travels around the world.
First we headed south for the distinctive wildlife and landscapes of the Falklands and South Georgia, then up to Yellowstone National Park for some breathtaking winter scenery. After a stop in Cuba we headed across to Namibia's Etosha National Park for a different type of wildlife, before returning to more frozen landscapes, this time from Svalbard in the Arctic Circle. We finished the first half of the evening with autumnal scenes from Tuscany and flocks of birds from the wetlands of the Rio Grande.
John likes to return to the same places to photograph something different each time, so we revisited Tuscany in the spring and Yellowstone in more extreme temperatures. And we also enjoyed his more abstract images of Kolmanskop's buildings buried in sand and close-ups of reflections captured in a car park! Thank you for an amazing evening! LS

Sandhill Crane Landing and Svalbard Reflections by John Chamberlin
Calne Woodlands Camera Club                       28 Feb 2012
We welcomed our fellow photographers for an evening of projected images, prints and AVs. Chairman Eddy Lane started off the evening with his and his wife Pam's panel of entries submitted for the DPAGB distinction, showing what score each entry achieved. We then enjoyed a series of entertaining AVs on a variety of subjects such as cricket, the Masai Mara and Van Gogh. Alan Smith then showed us his beautifully creative still life prints, explaining what materials he uses and how he combines the different textures in Photoshop. New member, Phil Dent, ended the evening with a stunning print collection of concert photography from the 80s and 90s, including the greats like Queen, Sting, Tina Turner and Whitney Houston. This will be a hard act to follow on our return visit in three weeks time! LS calnecc
Calne Woodlands Camera Club members
Phil Dent, Alan Smith, Pam and Eddy Lane
'Safari' by David Boag                                                            21 February 2012

Club members very much enjoyed sharing David’s enthusiasm for East Africa – as he says ‘Africa gets in your blood’ and those that have been lucky enough to have gone on safari will agree with that!

It’s not only the ‘Big Five’ but the abundance of other wildlife that make the area so amazing for photographers. David recalled the experiences of some of the groups he had led and the sheer wonder when they encounter a lion or an elephant at very close quarters. resting-lions 

The talk was illustrated with some David's many photographs and he explained that studying the natural behaviour of wildlife helps you know just when to press the shutter to get the perfect shot. David’s amusing anecdotes had everyone laughing and members were inspired by his dedication to wildlife photography. PM

If you want to learn more then visit David’s website and see details of ‘Natural Focus’ – an excellent interactive photography tutorial suitable for all levels.

David Boag's website
WCPF Digital Projected Image Competition 2012                  19 February 2012
The Digital Projected Image Competition (DPIC), of the Western Counties Photographic Federation, took place in Exeter last Sunday, 19th February. Five of our members and three guests attended the event.
Twenty images from each of the fifty (yes, 50!), competing Clubs and Societies from across the Federation, were judged by three eminent judges, Rosie Armes FRPS DPAGB EFIAP BPE3*, Colin Harrison FRPS MPAGB MFIAP EFIAP/g FIPF FBPE and John Cartlidge EFIAP BPE3*.
After the ONE THOUSAND images had been judged, we were thrilled to find that Devizes Camera Club was in SECOND place with a total of 223 points! This is our highest position ever - in both this digital competition and in the previous slide competition. The winners were Plymouth with 232 points and Newton Abbot third with 220 points.

In addition, Gill Cardy ARPS DPAGB was awarded a Bronze Medal for ‘Red Grouse Taking Off’    (image left)     Well done, Gill!!!

Full results of this event can be viewed on the WCPF website

As a result of us gaining second place, we have been selected to represent the Federation (along with Plymouth and Newton Abbot) to compete in the NATIONAL event - the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain Inter-Club Projected Image Championship. This will take place at the University of Warwick on the 14th July 2012. It will be an enormous day for the Club and a huge step-up in the level of competition, so we must prepare well. We need the support of ALL members to provide us with their VERY BEST images and we also hope that we will have an excellent turn-out at Warwick to cheer us on. Please diarise this now so that you will be able to join us in Warwick. CR

Devizes Camera Club results here
Competition 3   Open          14 February 2012
The Club gave a warm welcome to Dennis Price LRPS who visited us to judge the 3rd Open Print and Projected Image competitions.
The standard of entries was high which gave Dennis the difficult task of selecting - which in his opinion were the very best images in each category for awards.
Hilary Eagles prints gained both 1st & 2nd places in Beginners Prints and Liz Bates was placed 1st in Beginners PI's with Hilary Eagles placed 2nd, David Fraser 3rd and in his first PI competition John Totten gained a Highly Commended.
In the Intermediate print section Rob Dobson gained 1st with Chris Beard 2nd and 3rd. Chris Beard was  placed 1st, Hilary Kay  2nd and Steve Morris 3rd in Intermediate PI's
With so many award worthy images to choose from in the General Print section the judge awarded Robert Harvey ARPS 1st place,Laurie Mills 2nd and Gill cardy ARPS DPAGB 3rd place.
Stephen Mcgrath was placed 1st, Dave Gray 2nd and Kev Ferris 3rd in General PI's    PM
Full results can be seen here              Competition 3 images can be seen in the Galleries.
                                                                     Members can login to see the points tables.
Train to Nowhere
Train to Nowhere by Liz Bates
The Plough and Barrow
The Plough & Barrow by Chris Beard
Winter Surfer
Winter Surfer by Stephen McGrath
GB Cup 2012 - Open & Nature Competition results
GB Cup - Open
The GB Cup is a national competition open to all clubs affiliated to the PAGB, so we pit our skills against the very best club photographers in Great Britain, last year we came 89th out of 120 competing clubs - could we do better this year?
We managed an excellent 29th place out of 139 competing teams and we also came 2nd from among all the clubs competing from the WCPF.
GB Cup - Nature
There was a second competition at the GB CUP, this time it was for Nature images and Devizes entered for the very first time.
I am pleased to say that we managed to come 34th out of 130 competing clubs.
These result have firmly cemented Devizes Camera Club as one of the top photographic clubs in the UK, a great testimony to the talent we have among us each week, we should be very proud of ourselves. However this is not the time to rest on our laurels, we need to build on these results and see if we can finish even higher next year.
I would like to take this opportunity to mention what I believe is the reason behind our recent, good results in all competitions.
Obviously we have a depth of talent in our club and with new members joining all the time this pool of talent continues to grow but all talent needs nurturing to enable it to fulfil its potential. Its this nurturing of our talent that I feel is behind our growing success.
We have a Landscape Group run by Dave Gray, the Nature Group by Gill Cardy and the Shutter Chatter evenings hosted by Joan & Clive Rathband - all have played their part in raising the standard of photography within Devizes Camera Club. It is the activities of the special interest groups that have helped many of our current crop of top photographers to grow in skill and confidence to the point where we can now hold our heads up among the best photographers in the country. We are all still learning, that is the beauty of photography so come along and join us - next year it might be one of your images that is representing Devizes Camera Club against the rest of the country.
If you would like to get involved in club competitions speak to any of the committee members who will give you all the help and advice you need.  CB
Club results here when available.  
Warminster Print Battle     2012     Judge: Tony Byram   EPIAP ARPS AWFP DPAGB  11 February 2012
battleOn Saturday 11th February 7 Camera Club met in Battle at The Lakeside Centre in Warminster to compete in the annual Warminster Print Battle.
In 2010 Devizes struggled in this Battle after winning the Trophy several times previously and coming last of the competing clubs - this time we aimed to do a little better - and we did!
Devizes Camera Club built up a big lead over the competition during the early rounds with the judge awarding a maximum of 20 points to Gill Cardy ARPS DPAGB, Dave Gray, Rob Dobson and Pam Mullings (images shown below). 
There were also good points scored by 'Dark Secret' by Robin Gregory and 'Misty Lane Through Pewsey Vale' by Chris Beard - both were awarded 18 points.

New member Nick Smith scored well in his first club battle with 'Hell's Ghyll' receiving 16 points.
After 7 rounds we were well on course for a huge winning margin but things were evened up over the next couple of rounds as a couple of our images attracted surprisingly low scores from the judge.
Everything hung on the last round, Robert Harvey's - 'Sea Of Poppies' needed a good score to ease the tension but once again it didn't meet with the judges total approval and he gave it 15 points - the door was open and a good showing from the very last image of the day would be good enough to wrestle the trophy from our grasp. A lovely portrait of a Morris Dancer, enthused over by the judge had the whole Lakeside Centre on the edge of its seats, any more than 17 points and Frome Wessex would have beaten us at the post. As Tony gave his final award of points - 17, everyone frantically checked their additions on the scoresheets.
Devizes had won by 1 point!
Photograph above - Battle secretary - Chris Beard and the Judge - Tony Byram.
Full results
Goshawk with Prey by Gill Cardy ARPS DPAGB
Our thanks and congratulations go to Warminster for hosting the event and making us feel  so welcome.    CB
Living on the edge
Living on the edge by Rob Dobson
Have you heard?
Have you heard? by Pam Mullings
Woodborough Hill
Woodborough Hill by Dave Gray

The Challenges of Close-up & Macro Photography
John Bebbington FRPS                                                                                               7 Feb 2012
With a book on insect photography to be published in June, John's expertise in the field of macro photography was greatly appreciated by our club members. A naturalist by training, he has always used photography to complement his field work. He teaches natural history photography courses and is currently chairman of the RPS Nature Group. The focus of the evening was on the challenges of macro photography: depth of field, lighting, composition, use of stabilisers... all very beautifully illustrated with digital images of flowers and insects, including moths which were often quite hard to spot! He also touched on the art of fieldcraft and the welfare of the subject being photographed, all the while reminding us of the beauty in our back garden. LS 
Every Picture Tells a Story                           Peter Preece                         31 Jan 2012
Artist and wildlife photographer, Peter Preece, provided us with a feast for the eyes with his digital slideshow of birds, insects, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. After 40 years of working in a design studio, he retired and started travelling with his wife and fellow photographer, Margaret, around the UK and Europe in search of wildlife to photograph. And with access to 5,000 acres of reforested farmland with lakes and scrapes, he can set up feeding stations and build hides (when not using his camouflage Skoda!) in order to attract and photograph a wide variety of species. With plenty of tips and a freezer full of bait, Peter showed us how his art is 95% fieldwork and 5% award-winning photography. We wish him luck in winning a cash prize from Mr Attenborough! LS      

The Judges Declare...
smallgrainra  ... Richard Atkinson as the winner of our Dec/Jan YOU CAN BE THE JUDGE competition with his entry Smallgrain (pictured left). Congratulations, Richard! We had a theme for this competition, Winter Scene, so thanks to all those who managed to come up with an image in addition to those needed for our club's Christmas card.

The February competition is up and running so don't forget to vote. We have gone back to an open theme and this month we have an impressive 12 entries! LS
Nature Group Visit to Langford Lakes                                            28 January 2012

chaffinchLangford Lakes was not very productive - but the great crested grebes gave us a preview of their breeding performance - briefly!

Mary Larden saw her first kingfisher but it wasn't posing for a photo.

After we had replenished the empty feeders, the small birds arrived - accompanied by 6 brown rats who provided entertainment trying to climb the greasy pole up to the bird table.

The chaffinches, once they had got used to the clatter of the motor drives, obligingly hovered around the feeders and enabled some of us to get some flight shots - well most of us got one shot out of about 1000 attempts

There was even a glimpse of sunshine.   GC        Chaffinch hovering (left) by Gill Cardy
brown-rats blue-tit-jean dunnock-gill
Brown Rat family by Gill Cardy ARPS DPAGB Blue Tit by Jean Ingram Dunnock by Gill Cardy ARPS DPAGB
Ramblings with the Idle Rich    Leo Rich ARPS EFIAP/b DPAGB APAGB 24 Jan 2012
Our club welcomed back Leo Rich with a slide presentation of his travels around the world, which he qualified as Ramblings with the Idle Rich: The Bigger Picture. Leaving behind the days of trying to capture the competition-winning photos, Leo prefers to record the impact that travel photography has on him as an individual. With a particular interest in wildlife and people, he took us on a tour - which included his back garden - of the New Forest, Turkey, the Andes, India and Cuba. His portraits were particularly stunning (eg. Lady in Blue pictured right) and gave us a real sense of what drives his travel photography. The presentation ended with a series of very atmospheric evening shots of the camel fair in Pushkar, Rajasthan - quite simply an extraordinary moment in time captured on film. LS     ladyinbluelrich
Landscape Group weekend trip to the Gower                              13-15 January 2012

The Landscape Group enjoyed a highly successful weekend in the Gower peninsular in South Wales for their major field trip of the year. Twenty-three members and partners enjoyed exceptionally sunny weather, and were therefore spoilt for choice amongst the many sights the area has to offer.

Given the weather, many of the party opted to travel down early on Friday, to make sure of some sunset pictures, notably around Rossili and Worms Head. Then it was on to the Kings Head hotel in Llangenith for showers, food, and a slide show from Robert Harvey illustrating some of the attractions of the South Wales coastline.

On Saturday, alarms were set early, and a large party left the hotel in the dark to photograph the sun rising over the sea from Port Eynon. Many then opted to go on to Rossili, to take advantage of the afternoon low tide and opening up of the causeway to Worms Head. Saturday was more cloudy, but the sun did put in an appearance later on to ensure another round of sunset pictures.

The highlight of the Saturday evening was a keenly contested quiz, again organised by Robert Harvey, to test out people's knowledge of places of interest, from our own Wiltshire locality to all corners of the globe.

Sunday dawned cloudy, and thankfully many of the party managed a lie in, but by mid-morning, the sky was again a deep blue. People then decided to head for places they had not yet been too, with a sizeable group going to Three Cliffs Bay and Penard Castle. Despite the blue skies, there was a stiff wind blowing making it difficult to keep cameras steady and camera bags free of sand, but the resulting pictures were very worthwhile.

All in all, we had a very enjoyable and productive weekend, in the company of like minded people, and with a great spirit of exchanging knowledge and ideas. Many thanks go to Robert Harvey for organising the accommodation, and also the entertainment on both Friday and Saturday evenings.

For a selection of pictures taken on the weekend, please see the 'Gower Visit Gallery' link towards the top of the left side menu.

     Some of the group at Three Cliffs Bay
Annual Competition part 2   Judge: Barry Mead FRPS EFIAP/s MPAGB          17 Jan 2012
bmeadkferrisThe second leg of our annual competitions, comprising Nature Prints and Projected Images, was judged by Barry Mead, a specialist in wildlife, landscape and creative photography. With expert tips on how to improve an image without breaking the rules of nature photography, Barry shortlisted almost half the prints displayed, such was the standard of the entries. Congratulations to Kev Ferris for winning 1st place with Field Mouse, Serengeti. Gill Cardy came 2nd with a HC and Chris Beard was 3rd also with a HC.
The evening progressed with our Nature PI competition of equally high standard, giving Barry the almost impossible task of selecting bmeadsmcgrath
the final six entries. The winner was Stephen McGrath with Dung Fly - and his Juv. Damsel Fly Hiding gained him a HC - followed by Joan Ryder Rathband in 2nd & 3rd place with a HC. Thank you Barry for a very entertaining evening - we wish you all the best with EFIAP/p! LS 

Barry Mead presents the John Snowman
Memorial Trophy to Kev Ferris (top right)
and the Bowker Praed Shield to
Stephen McGrath (bottom left)

 All the award winning images from the Annual competitions can be see in the Galleries.
 Full results here.     Members can log in to Members Information and see the Points Tables
Annual Competition part 1              Judge: Andy Beel FRPS                 10 Jan 2012
The club welcomed Andy Beel FRPS to judge two of our annual competitions, Pencil of Nature monochrome prints and Landscape projected images. Looking at composition, lighting and contrast in the 27 black & white entries, Andy's final choice of six prints included portraits, architecture, still life and landscape, with Dave Gray winning the Pencil of Nature trophy.

Colour returned in the second half of the evening as Andy judged an impressive collection of projected images of British landscapes, with Chris Beard winning the Derrick Turner Memorial trophy. Congratulations to Dave and to Chris, who also obtained a HC monochrome print.

Well done also to Robin Gregory who came 2nd in monochrome prints with a HC, and to Robert Harvey ARPS for gaining two HC projected images. All winning entries can be seen in the gallery soon.   LS
Mist over Pewsey Vale by winner Dave Gray

Pink Cannings Dawn by winner Chris Beard
Full results here
Members Projected Image League 3 January  2012
On the first meeting after the Christmas break members were able to enjoy viewing all of  the 57 sets entered in the competition. Members could enter 3 sets of 5 images on subjects of their own choice.
The range of subjects was very varied and included superb sets of birds, insects and flowers through to motocross, street musicians and church interiors together with numerous other interesting and well photographed subjects. 
Members present at the meeting scored each set of images - the results of which have been calculated and checked and were announced on the 10th  January.
stephenMany congratulations to Stephen McGrath  who by a very narrow margin, gained the highest combined score with his 3 sets. In second place was Chris Beard and in third place was Robert Harvey ARPS. 
Other members whose sets were in the top 10 were Dave Grey, Pam Mullings, Gill Cardy ARPS DPAGB, Richard Atkinson, Leila Searight,
Clive Rathband FRPS FPSSA EFIAP and Liz Bates. PM

All of the 150 stunning images from the top 10 sets can be seen in the
 P.I. LEAGUE GALLERY where you can add your own comments.
Chairman Frank Collins (left) presents the Hewitt Cup to Stephen McGrath
The scores for the top 10 entries and for the top 10 individual sets can be seen here.
Members can log in to see the full results in MEMBERS INFORMATION. 
The Ryder Rathband Trophy 2011
The first year of The Ryder Rathband Trophy has drawn to a close.

Late News Flash!  Congratulations to Rod Stowell ARPS for his acceptance in Argentina!  The salon was judged before the 31st December 2011 so this acceptance is included in the 2011 Log.

Congratulations to Gill Cardy ARPS DPAGB for her acceptances in Singapore and to Rod Stowell ARPS who gained acceptances in two salons in India.  The judging dates for these three salons fell within the cut off date of the 31st December 2011, so well done to them for making the final days of the Competition interesting!
It was gratifying to see such an improvement in successes in external competitions this year and we would like to congratulate every member who entered the salons during 2011.  It is a wonderful achievement to gain acceptances and awards in National and International Exhibitions and it was fantastic to see some of the Devizes Camera Club members gaining their very first acceptances - and awards! - this year.  Keep up the good work! 
Our members gained 135 Acceptances with 11 Awards and 3 Medals!

Please do not be disheartened if you miss out on acceptances - just keep trying and you will succeed in the end.  The immediate reward is competing for the Ryder Rathband Trophy, but the long-term reward is going on to gain distinctions in FIAP and then gaining honours in the Royal Photographic Society and other prestigious Societies.

Robert Harvey ARPS was the very deserving winner for 2011. Congratulations, Robert!

The final log positions were as follows:

35 points        Robert Harvey ARPS
27 points        Rod Stowell ARPS
19 points        Joan Ryder Rathband FRPS FPSSA
17 points        Chris Beard
17 points        Gill Cardy ARPS DPAGB
11 points        Clive Rathband FRPS FPSSA EFIAP
 8 points         Stephen McGrath
 5 points         Robin Gregory
 4 points         Charlotte Morris LRPS
 3 points         Jean Ingram
 2 points         Kevin Ferris
 1 point           Louise Gray
Please click on the Salon Results at the top of the website to view all the details. JRR

Print Knock-out                                                                               13 December 2011

DCC's annual print knock-out competition had a record-breaking 160

entries from our club members who, throughout the evening,dave-gray voted for

their favourite print from randomly selected pairs, until all but the last four winning prints were unceremoniously knocked out!


Stephen McGrath's cat, Scampi, finally ran out of lives to make way for finalists Dave Gray and Eddie Marsh who dominated the evening with their landscape prints.

Eddie (above) 1st place with "Roundway Hill in Winter" & 3rd place with Byway to Potterne.

Dave (right) won 4th & 2nd places with "Storms in the Fannichs" & "Woodborough Hill, Pewsey Vale"

Thank you to Frank Collins and his helpers, Pam Mullings and Gill Cardy for running a smooth show.

We finished the evening in festive spirit with a superb selection of nibbles.

Merry Christmas to all!    LS

'One a Day' - Congratulations on a great achievement
Rod Stowell ARPS has reached his goal of taking a photograph every day for a year!
Rod sums up his challenging year -
last-image My one a day year is nearly at an end and it's time to assess its worth.
At no time did I really panic to get an image. Sometimes it was late in the day, but as time passed I became more confident in my ability to produce something however uninteresting and mundane it may be. After all it has been a self-imposed exercise under my own rules which were pretty simple.
I have gained much more from the project than I could have imagined. I now know my cameras properly, have established a workflow both in the taking and the processing, which has made me quicker all round to achieve the image and compose something.
I shall not be sorry when it is over – last image 9th December and will try to find something to take its place.
If anyone else decides to do the same thing I have one piece of advice and that is to take it seriously and make the effort every day. It's not easy, but well worth it.


A comment or two from members would be much appreciated. Anyone else up for the challenge?
365 photographs - see them all in the Members Gallery
Water                          Dr Tony Marriott                                               6 Dec 2011
We enjoyed a fascinating talk and digital slideshow on the chemistry, physics and beauty of the source of life on our planet - Water. While sorting through his 7000 slides, Tony discovered that 65% of them were about water, a subject which interests him from a technical, global and aesthetic point of view. His slideshow encompassed a wide range of water-related images, from glaciers and icebergs to rudimentary wells in the deserts of North Africa. We also benefited from a bit of on-site chemistry with Hoffman's apparatus (pictured left) which electrolises water, producing hydrogen and oxygen. LS 

Dr Tony Marriott with club members
The Judges Declare...
... Ron Sims LRPS LBIPP as November's winner of our online competition with his entry Blue Tube (as pictured). Congratulations Ron! And well done to Kevin Ferris and Robin Gregory who came joint second. 
The December/January competition is up and running so don't forget to vote. This time we have a theme, Winter Scene, and the winner will be declared at the end of January. LS
Trowbridge Friendly - Return Visit                                                   29 Nov 2011
trowbridgeWhat a pleasure it was to welcome
members of Trowbridge Camera Club (pictured right) who presented a selection of their work as part of the return leg of our presentation to their club in 2009. The first half of the evening focused on prints, starting with Terrick Meakin's impressive and humorous collection, including his critique of judges! Ian Drake showed some excellent portraits, monochrome and HDR prints followed by Chairperson and AV worker, Valerie Rawlings, with what she modestly called "a bit of nonsense" based on a woodland theme. John Sanson showed us how a fresh pair of eyes captured modern-day Trowbridge for his exhibition at Trowbridge Museum. Ian Pearson, new club member, shared some great shots of the Far East and unusual buildings, followed by Secretary, Geraint Owen, who obviously had some fun with Photoshop for the club's themed competitions. In the second half we were treated to a digital slideshow by Geraint & Terry and a series of very entertaining AV sequences from various club members. Thank you for a splendid evening! LS
118th Toronto International Salon of Photography
Congratulations, once again, to Chris Beard for gaining acceptances and an Honourable Mention at the recent Salon in Canada.  Please click on the Salon Results at the top of the Website to view the details. JRR
'The Digital Magic Lantern Show'                                          22 November 2011
Linda and Edgar Gibbs DPAGB AV- AFIAP & FRPS DPAGB AVFI made a very welcome return visit to the club to show members how to make Audio Visual sequences using Pictures to Exe. This time more advance features and special effects such as animation and masks were very ably demonstrated.
Linda and Edgar work as a team - Edgar produces the superb photographs and Linda patiently puts together the A-V sequences.
Club members were shown sequences featuring Venice, Portmeirion and the Isle of Man together with such diverse subjects as 'Love Remembered' and the 'Pit Closures' were very cleverly depicted.
As a special treat a silver medal award winning sequence entitled 'Thomas' was shown. This was the moving story of a destitute boy in the 1860's and his change of fortune when he enlisted in the army after seeing a 'Magic Lantern Show'. The technology is now very different but conveying a story using a combination of photography and sound is still as appealing in today's world.  PM
Chasing the Light                                   David Noton                                         16 Nov 2011
davidThis year our club's event at the Arc Theatre in Trowbridge sold out: Chasing the Light - the Road Show by David Noton. And quite understandably so! What a feast for the eyes and soul as he took us on a guided tour around the world to some of the wildest places on earth. With a mixture of digital slideshows, video clips and Google Earth, we discovered what life on the road is like for a professional landscape photographer, the challenges and the many rewards that come with the inspiration for a shoot and sticking long enough with one location. David's photography is fuelled by adventure and a sense that, in order to evolve, one has to operate outside one's comfort zone. And he certainly made us feel like packing our bags and heading out into the wilderness! His three tips for the evening were: keep it simple, think before you expose and stick at it!    LS
Nature and Landscape Groups                                         15 November 2011
Members were treated to a selection of superb images taken by members on field trips arranged by the Nature and Landscape Groups.

Gill Cardy ARPS presented an interesting variety of Nature photographs taken by members at various local venues. Visits are planned in order to see the wildlife found in various habitats depending on the season. Members have visited many local wildlife areas  where wild flowers, birds, birds, insects, fungi etc. can be found.
Gill commented that even with the best habitat research - nature does not always co-operate and photographers sometimes need to adapt and find interesting subjects wherever they are!


Dave Gray presented a selection of outstanding images taken on Landscape group outings to scenic areas nearby and sometimes further afield. Both experienced photographers and beginners achieved a wide variety of stunning images taken in snow, mist and sunshine, capturing both dawn and dusk and in wonderful locations such as Stourhead, Salisbury and Avebury amongst many others. 
robertVisits are carefully pre - arranged so that members have a good chance of a being in the best location at the best time of day. The weather does however sometimes mean that the group has to change tack and re - locate but whatever happens members usually manage to come home with some excellent images after an enjoyable day out. The Landscape Group had a well-attended weekend meeting early in the year on the south coast and further overnight visits are planned.  PM
All club members are very welcome to join the groups, have fun and gain photographic experience as well!

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