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Ladies v Gents Battle                                                                              1 May 2011
Tuesday evening saw the clubs competition season draw to a close with the popular Ladies v Gents Battle, a truly fun competition where everyone has the opportunity to take part. Last time the Ladies won a convincing victory and Gents were left in no doubt who wore the trousers in Devizes Camera Club, so it would be interesting to see if the ladies could retain their edge.swan Adrian Herring ARPS, DPAGB and his wife Vanessa LRPS were the judges for the evening and had to judge 30 prints and 30 DPI's and each would award a mark out of 10 for each image.
It would be fair to say this was an excellent evening with Adrian and Vanessa judging each image in great detail and they were quite harsh with some of their comments but totally fair and gave some very constructive feedback to members. It was gratifying to see that so many members had entered images of a such a high standard that the scores awarded for the images were very close indeed. Special mention must go to Gill Cardy for getting maximum 20 points with both her images Golden Eagle on Prey and Capercaillie AttackOnce all 30 prints had been judged and the scores checked and double checked it became clear that the ladies might have had some of theglastonbury-tor highest scoring images but the gents were more consistent as the scores were tied at 215 points each and so it wacarmine-bee-eaterss all to play for after the break with the PDI's. Again Adrian and Vanessa set about their task with great relish and provided excellent feedback on all the images, there was only one PDI that was awarded a maximum of 20 points and this was another of our ladies - congratulations to Charlotte Morris with her excellent Swan in Snowstorm (top right). Mentions must go also to Pam Mullings who scored an excellent 19 points with her Carmine Bee Eatestagrs (left) but the gents also managed to get 19 points with Steve Morris's image Stag (bottom right) and Robert Harvey's Glastonbury Tor at Dawn (middle right) - very well done to Steve and Robert.
The final result was too close to call - had the ladies triumphed once again or had the gents been victorious? Robin Gregory had been keeping score via the DiCentra software and no one knew the final result until he pushed the button and the result flashed up on the screen. Amazingly once again it was a tie at 224 points for each team! After 60 images and 120 marks being awarded there was absolutely nothing to choose between our ladies and gents. Personally I feel that this was a fitting conclusion not only to the evening but also the club's season that has seen us do so well in all competitions - congratulations to everyone. The ladies team had images from 15 members in their entry while the gents were represented by 16 different members. CB