Competition 1 Prints - results
White-tailed Sea Eagle by David Wilkinson - 1st
Early Morning Poppy by Kyra Wilson - 2nd
Love in a Mist by Mair Bull - 3rd
Frosty Sunrise by Steve Hardman - HC

First Ascent of the Day by Caroline Wright - 1st
Keepers Catch by Andy Vick - 2nd
@Bristol by Caroline Wright - 3rd
Two Pairs of Feet by Jean Ingram - HC
Stukes and Clouds by Stuart Barnes - HC

Fragile Beauty by Pam Mullings - 1st
Three Galaxies by Robert Harvey ARPS EFIAP - 2nd
Silver Leaf Monkeys, Borneo by Dave Gray - 3rd
Black Tulips by Derek Mason - HC
Girls, Girls, Girls by Kevin Ferris - HC
The Raw Recruit by Pam Mullings - HC