Competition 2 PI  - Street photography results


'But Mum do I have to?' by Kyra Wilson - 1st

The Game by Heather Collins - 2nd

'What do you think?' by Ian Preedy - 3rd

The Piper by Andy Baugh - HC

Pigeon Fancier by Steve Hardman - HC

Rubbish Irony by Craig Purvis - HC

Pepsi Time by Heather Collins - HC

Taking a Breather by Sue Wadman - HC


Quality Time by Hilary Eagles - 1st

Jumping Jack by Caroline Wright - 2nd

Pale Rider by Jean Ingram - 3rd

Tourists at the Tate by Caroline Wright - HC

Street Artist by Hilary Eagles - HC

The Good Listener by Stuart Barnes - HC

Sporting Camaraderie by Stuart Barnes - HC

After Siesta by Tim Pier - HC


Third World Wiring by Dave Gray - 1st

Stalking by Pam Mullings - 2nd

Only Bananas for Sale by Dave Gray - 3rd

Fish for Tea by Dave Gray - HC

Exchanging Smiles by Pam Mullings - HC

Tory Protest March, London by Kevin Ferris LRPS - HC

All Directions by Janet Rutter LRPS - HC

Istanbul Porters by Richard Atkinson AFIAP - HC