Monochrome Prints - 32 entries
On the Case by Tim Pier - 1st
Gambian Girl by Dave Gray - 2nd
Pathway to the Square by Tim Pier - 3rd
British Homeless by Kyra Wilson - HC
Welsh Waterfall by Kyra Wilson - HC
Quiet Contemplation by Richard Atkinson AFIAP - HC
Caso Batio Staircase by Stuart Barnes - HC

Creative Projected Images - 44 entries
Choir Practice by Pam Mullings - 1st
Dragon Lord by Kev Ferris LRPS  - 2nd
Haunted by Pam Mullings - 3rd
The Ballerina by Kev Ferris LRPS - HC
Red Fast Car by Janet Rutter LRPS- HC
Surfing the Wave by Robert Harvey ARPS EFIAP - HC