Devizes, Swindon, Stratton Battle results 2017   points out of 20

Indian Market by Frank Collins 16
Crystal Ball Gazing by Peter Eley  17
Washerwomen come to town by Pam Mullings 16
Street Artist by Hilary Eagles    17
Silbury Hill by  Robert Harvey  17
A Frosty April Sunrise by Sue Wadman  19
Bus Pass by Richard Watson   17
Bishops Cannings Church by Michael Valentine 18
Lone Tree  by Richard Watson    19
Langdale Pikes in Storm Light by  Dave Gray    16
Black Grouse at Lek by Gill Cardy 20
Coming Ready or Not by Michael Valentine   19
Elephant Seal Embrace  by Robert Harvey 20
First Light at Bamburgh by Sue Wadman  19
Take a Bow by Robert Harvey  20
Spanish Streets by Tim Pier 17
On the Thames by Tim Pier  17
Swanage Old Pier by Sue Wadman 19
White-tailed Sea Eagle by David Wilkinson  18
The Look Out by Caroline Wright 17
White Tulips by Pam Mullings 18
Golden Light by Lynda Rugg   17
Wyming Brook Cascade by Dave Gray 17
Choir Practice by Pam Mullings 18
The Mask by Kevin Ferris 16

Final Places - 1st place Swindon PS 445 points,
Devizes CC 2nd place 444 points
3rd place Stratton CC 416 points