Competition 3 - Open PI results

Beginners - 30 entries
Brecon Waterfall by Sue Wadman - 1st
Caterpillar by Kate Aston - 2nd
Crystal Balls by Peter Eley - 3rd
Barga, Evening Light by Sue Wadman - HC
The Road Less Travelled by Heather Collins - HC
Evening in Matera by Heather Collins - HC
First Light, Richmond by David Wilkinson - HC
Wind Blown Frost by Mair Bull - HC
Through the Icy Glass by Kyra Wilson - HC
Train Driver by Martin Stokes - HC

Intermediate - 21 entries
Parasols by Hilary Eagles - 1st
Another Place by Caroline Wright - 2nd
Wansdyke by David Fraser - 3rd
Daydreaming by Hilary Eagles - HC
Sunrise on Derwent Water by Caroline Wright - HC
Venice by Tim Pier - HC

Advanced - 24 entries 
Playtime by Richard Watson LRPS - 1st
Bald Eagle Portrait by Pam Mullings - 2nd
Who Let the Dogs Out by Pam Mullings - 3rd
Along Came a Spider by Kevin Ferris LRPS - HC
Small White Butterfly by Kevin Ferris LRPS - HC
Azure-winged Magpie by Gill Cardy FRPS DPAGB AFIAP - HC
Kingfisher by Michael Barnes AWPS - HC
Moroccan Village by Richard Atkinson AFIAP - HC