Competition 3 - Open Print results

Beginners -  11 entries
Cold Winter Afternoon by Steve Hardman - 1st
Stickle Tarn in Winter by Steve Hardman - 2nd
Amethyst Sunbirds by Peter Eley - 3rd

Intermediate - 32 entries
Spanish Streets by Tim Pier - 1st
Salvador Dali's Home Town by Tim Pier - 2nd
On the Thames by Tim Pier - 3rd
My First Love by Tim Pier - HC
Buzzard by David Wilkinson - HC
Colour red by Andy Vick - HC
Downstairs by Hilary Eagles - HC

Advanced - 18 entries
On the Run by Pam Mullings - 1st
Martial Eagle Portrait by Pam Mullings - 2nd
King Penguin Chick by Robert Harvey ARPS EFIAP - 3rd
Grasses by Richard Watson LRPS - HC
Encircled by Richard Watson LRPS - HC
The Circus by Richard Watson LRPS - HC