Set Subject results

Cosy Pint Beckons by Craig Purvis - 1st
Penelope's Maiden Voyage by Kyra Wilson - 2nd
Crofton Pump House by Martin Stokes - 3rd
Canal in my Cellar by Craig Purvis - HC
'Permits' me to be Here by Sue Wadman - HC
Little helper By Sue Wadman - HC

First Lock in the Flight by Caroline Wright - 1st
Ladies Bridge by David Fraser - 2nd
Coming Through by Andy Vick - 3rd
Glorious Autumn Colour by Caroline Wright - HC

Winter Sunlight at Wootton Rivers by Robert Harvey - 1st
Hoar Frost at Great Bedwyn by Robert Harvey - 2nd
Sorting the Line by Richard Atkinson - 3rd
Barge Jessie by Richard Atkinson - HC
Ancient and Modern by Richard Watson - HC
Colourful Reflections by Pam Mullings - HC