Competition 1 PI results 2017-18

Beginners – 30 entries
Warleigh Weir by Martin Stokes – 1st place
Sunflower Surprise by Martin Stokes – 2nd place
Winter Thistle by Peter Eley – 3rd place
Frosted Leaf by Peter Eley – HC
Hopper by Martin Stokes - HC
Reflections by Roly Barth – HC
Glittering Ghent by Craig Purvis – HC
Old and new by Heather Collins – HC
Moove Over @ Roundway by Ruth Wordley – HC
Cregennan Lake at Moonrise by Steve Hardman – HC

Intermediate -15 entries
New Born by Jean Ingram – 1st place
Barn Swallows by Kyra Wilson – 2nd place
Vintage Rally in the Highlands by David Wilkinson – 3rd place
Red Leg Partridge by David Wilkinson – HC
Elgol Sunset by Sue Wadman – HC

Advanced – 33 entries
Kingfisher with Catch by Robert Harvey – 1st place
Arching by Richard Watson – 2nd place
The Three Pugaleers by Kev Ferris – 3rd place
Two King Penguins by Robert Harvey – HC
Sparrowhawk with prey by Robert Harvey – HC
Storm Rider by Gill Cardy – HC
Lapwing by Gill Cardy – HC
Time for a Cuddle by Richard Watson - HC
Cormorant with Reflections by Richard Atkinson – HC
Brothers by Dave Gray - HC
Hot Dog by David Fraser – HC