'Oh Yeah!' 9 January 2018   
Club members who have seen Robin Gregory’s presentations before knew that they were in for a very entertaining evening. RG eveLike no other photographer both Robin’s images and his chat are really something different. Robin has an imagination like no other – he changes an ordinary image into something special – he calls it ‘doodling’.  Using layers, textures, blend modes and brushes he plays around in Photoshop until an extraordinary image emerges.
Robin uses miniature figures to great effect – posing them in various situations, taking photos from many angles often using a tilt lens effect and then adding backgrounds and effects. Another prop Robin often uses is a doll that he bought second-hand for £10 – she has ragged red hair and is RG Inposed clothed and sometimes unclothed in improbable situations – her face often altered using warping techniques to give odd expressions but the results are amazing.

Robin photographs all sorts of rather strange subjects with a view that they may be useful one day to include in an image. ‘The present Mrs. Gregory’ has a lot to put up with as she is often asked to pose in rather odd situations and to make her scream Robin deliberately put a Lego brick for her to tread on resulting in the agonised facial shot he wanted!
A photo of a models face or body can be digitally manipulated, objects and backgrounds added until he is happy with the result. Extreme digital noise is often added to give portraits a dreamy quality. Robin said always check the direction of the light and the colour tones when using multiple images together – the result should look seamless.
Robin demonstrated some of his tips and tricks and in some cases AV’s showed step by step the processes he went through to create some of his images.
Music is a great influence and whisky also helps a bit with the creative process! We were treated to music of various genres when Robin’s showed some of his clever AV’s – often a very simple idea such as his matchsticks but with amusing results.
Street photography is another interest and Robin has the knack of finding interesting subjects both human and architectural in all sorts of odd places that others would miss. Often building would appear in completely different surroundings such as the telephone box on top of a hill, a church taking off like a rocket and a rhino grazing in a Bath street
Robin has won many acceptances and awards in Salons for his unusual images. He says judges often do not understand or miss the point in his images but he just laughs to himself as he creates the images for his own pleasure so what others feel does not really matter.
Thanks once again Robin for giving us a thoroughly hilarious and thought provoking evening in your very own inimitable style. PM
Images © Robin Gregory  Left: 'In and then Out' right: 'Eve'