Ladies v Gents Battle 2018 8 May 2018  
This time it was the Gents turn to win the battle of the sexes after several wins by the Ladies - well done Gents!!

DW otterKF pugsThe final scores were Gents 487 points and Ladies 14 points behind with a score of 473.

The judges were Sue and Richard Winkworth who each gave points out of 10 which were combined to give a score out of 20.
Images from photographers in the Intermediate or Beginners Category were given 2 bonus points.

Sue and Richard did not know what each other had scored until they gave their comments on each image.

Two images gained the top score from both judges - 'Otter with Crab' by David Wilkinson left and 'The Three Pug-a Leers' by Kev Ferris right