Annual General Meeting and Presentation of Awards 15 May 2018   
Club Chairman Richard Watson LRPS gave a warm welcome to about 26 members and guests to the AGM and Secretary Dave Gray read the list of apologies
Members were asked to approve the 2017 AGM minutes which had been circulated to members beforehand and there were no matters arrising.
Chairman's report
Richard began with a huge thank you to the committee for their hard work over the year. "We would not have a club without their dedication and enthusiasm." he said. 
The highlight of the year for Richard was the Charlie Waite talk. "To meet and hear from one of my photographic heroes was a real thrill."
Huge thanks to Robert in particular who put so much work in to making the evening happen. Our biennial exhibition is always a great showcase for the club and this season was no exception.

Richard said he felt that the programme has been stronger than ever this year, with a range of interesting speakers to cater for all tastes. The year on year increase in the speaker budget pays dividends and helps attract outside visitors to the higher profile evenings. Thanks to Robert for his unstinting efforts in pulling the programme together.
I would like to thank Pam for continuing to act as Webmaster and for the website which is an important shop window for the club and it reflects very well on us.
Thanks also to Jean for providing the tea and biscuits all season.

As she comes to the end of her term as Competition Secretary, Richard wanted to pay particular thanks to Caroline for the huge amount of work she has done on our behalf in the last four years and we are looking to replace her with three people!
It is great to see the high standards being set by the Beginners — we will all need to be on our toes next season. 

Thanks are due to the other committee members. Craig has done a great job as Publicity Secretary and our profile on social media has never been higher.
Lynda has been a very accurate and conscientious Treasurer - special mention to Peter Tasker who has stepped in to collect the money on the door in the last few weeks.
Frank continues to steer our competitions with other clubs through his role as Battle Secretary, with much success again this season.
Steve has been a supportive Vice-Chair this season, chairing meetings when asked and offering some good challenge as a new committee member.
Lastly to two of the less visible roles. Dave is a great Secretary, sending out regular emails to members and making sense of our committee meetings through his accurate minute taking.
He and Robert do a brilliant job of running the Landscape Group, that adds so much to club life.
Mike Saunders has worked hard for the club in a variety of ways from setting up the room, to making the tea and building a new storage cupboard to keep our equipment secure — thank you Mike.
Richard said he hoped he was leaving the club in a good place with a healthy bank balance, a strong membership base, a friendly atmosphere and a high standard of photography.
He would like to see the Nature Group re-started, more local trips to encourage everyone out with their camera and perhaps Club Instagram page next year.
He wished Steve Hardman well in taking on the Chair’s role and knows that he will do a great job.
Club Secretary, Dave Gray then gave his report saying that this year has been another busy one for the Committee. The Biennial Exhibition held in the Wiltshire Museum, Devizes, took some effort to organise, although the club is well practised now so the operation is probably as slick as we can make it.
No sooner was the Exhibition dusted down and packed away than it was time to gear up for our Charlie Waite Evening at the Wiltshire Music Centre. This is the first time we have used the WMC,so was a learning experience for all concerned. Dave said he would like to echo Richard’s thanks to Robert, who did the lion’s share of liaising between the venue and Charlie Waite’s office. 
Robert Harvey - Programme Secretary reminded members of the many notable speakers that had given presentations during the season including Rachael Talibart and Guy Edwardes
He said that he hoped the programme has provided something to interest every member. Next season will comprise a similarly eclectic mixture delivered by 15 different speakers, several of whom are professional photographers working at the top of their field.
Treasurer Lynda Croft circulated the accounts and reported that the Charlie Waite evening was a great financial success. The club finances are in good order giving the club a firm foundation to build on, continuing to raise its profile, attract new members and book high profile speakers.
Caroline Wright - Competition Secretary read out her report on her busy season organising all the club competitions. Competitions are the lifeblood of the club with those participating usually greatly improving their photography by taking note of the judges comments. The number of entries for some competitions was up on last season and in other cases down. Caroline explained that she tried to get a mix of different judges. The standard of photography in the club is very high.
Battle Secretary Frank Collins recalled the many Battles that the club had taken part in during the year.The club held a four way battle with invited clubs and had the annual Ladies v Gents battle. The club entered the regional WCPF DPIC and the national GB Cup competitions. 
Publicity Officer Craig Purvis said that much greater emphasis has been placed on the utilisation of social media as well as local newspapers and radio interviews when possible.
Craig said we have seen an increase in membership, with more potential joiners waiting in the wings after joining the DCC facebook group.
Pam Mullings reported on the club website which continues to provide information to members with articles on club activities, competition results and a members section. Members were urged to get involved by writing reports or showing their images in a Members Album.
Dave Gray gave a report on the Landscape Group. Members had been on a visit to the Snowdonia area and recently to Skomer. Some members had organised trips amongst themselves. The monthly meeting continued to be popular with members discussing their images with each other and having instructive presentations by experienced members.
Richard Watson reported on the Nature Group saying that unfortunatly it had not been possible to arrange many visits but Robert has now arranged for wildlife photographer Nick Upton to take some members to photograph such creatures as swifts and beavers.
There were just 4 resolutions put forward and all were passed by members with a show of hands with no one voting against.
1. Data Protection - new laws were about to come into place. The club will add the new policy to the Constitution.
2. Non members are invited to come to the club presentations by high profile speakers. It was agreed that a charge will be made to help cover costs which will be  refundable on joining the club. 
3. The policy of charging a reduced rate for those members joining late in the season was clarified.
4. A method of resolving a tie break in the Members Projected Image League was agreed.

Election of Officers
The club has a rule that no member may serve on the Committee for longer than four years consecutively in the same role.
Richard Watson was thanked for his leadership and all that he has done for the club over the last four years The Chairmanship was going to be handed to this years Vice Chairman, Steve Hardman.
Caroline Wright who has tackled the task of Competition Secretary brilliantly for four years is to be replaced by two or possibly three members as it is such a time consuming job.
Dave Gray stays on as Secretary as do Frank Collins as Battle Secretary, Lynda Croft as Treasurer, Robert Harvey as Programme Secretary and Craig Purvis continues with Publicity.
Coompetitions will be run by Steve Burgess assisted by Roly Barth.
Peter Tasker will assist the Treasurer and Caroline Wright will be Membership Secretary.
Mike Saunders continues to be an extremely useful committee member coming early every week to set out the hall and has also taken on the task of 'tea boy'.
The Auditor will be Eddy Lane
Presentation of Awards
After the refreshment break it was time for all 22 trophies to be presented by Richard Watson to those members who had won the various competitions or gained the most points in the three categories.
No less than ten trophies all went to one member who needed a wheeled bag to take them all home!
Many congratulations to Robert Harvey ARPS EFIAP for winning most of the trophies for which he was eligible. Robert won all of the Nature and Lanscape competitions as well as Advanced Print and PI of the Year and also had the most points in the Advanced section Prints and PI's.
Other members presented with trophies were Sue Wadman, Steve Hardman, Kyra Wilson LRPS, Craig Purvis, Caroline Wright, Roly Barth, Bruce Chappell and Pam Mullings.
Very well done to all.        See Club Awards for all the details.

The next club meeting will be after the summer break on Tuesday 4 September.
There is an interesting line up of speakers for you to enjoy as well as practical sessions and of course all the competitions.
The 2018-2019 Programme will be shown on this website soon and also the dates of the competitions so don't forget to get out with your cameras and get lots of photographs ready for the start of the season. As well as the Nature, Landscape, Mono, Creative and Open competitions there will be an Audio-Video Competition, so think up some ideas and get cracking getting some images together.
Members can keep in touch during the break by joining the DCC facebook group and the Landscape Group will be meeting up from time to time during the summer.
Enjoy your travels and see you all again in September. PM