Challenge 2018 - June
RB poppiesThe subject chosen by Lynda Croft for the month of June was 'Sunlight' 
A wide range of subjects were posted in the Album including sunlit buildings, mountains, poppy fields and flowers.
Also sunlight through a window, sunlight on a starlings feathers and sunlight on the paper doves in Salisbury Cathedral.
The favourite image was the delightful photograph by Roly Barth of sunlit poppies.

Roly has chosen the subject for the month of July which is 'A Sign of the Times'
Roly says that he feels that with so much happening in the world and our fondness to say that 'it wasn't like that in our day!'  it makes an interesting topic.

The subject can be interpreted in any way so it will be interesting to see what ideas members come up with.
Give it some thought and when you are out and about - take some interesting photos and post them in the Album on DCC facebook.
To join in just request membership (you will need to be a member of facebook first)