Challenge 2018 - July  
timeThe subject set for the July Photo Challenge was 'A Sign of the Times' 
With so much happening in the world and our fondness to say that it wasn't like that in our day this was an interesting - if somewhat challenging subject for the month. What do you think that will be remembered of 2018 or the decade?
Members found this rather difficult to sum up in a photo. Mobile phones constantly in use, dead flowers, a sewage farm and homeless people were some of the rather depressing subjects portrayed.
The heat of the summer was another topic with this rather overcooked chap photographed by Pam Mullings gaining the most 'likes'.
The subject set for the month of August is 'Movement' A chance perhaps to try out different techniques to either capture moving subjects or to try ICM (intentional camera movement)
We had a couple of speakers last season who showed us some of their images - or there are a lot of examples on line. To join in the Challenge go to DCC facebook. 
If you are not already a member then first join facebook and apply to join the DCC facebook closed group.
You will also be able to see what fellow members have been up to 'photographically' during the summer break. PM