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Are you Interested in Landscape and/or Nature Photography?

The Landscape Group is a very popular 'Special Interest' Group within the club, aimed at developing skills in Landscape photography amongst the members, as well as giving them a platform to share their images with like-minded photographers.  

TorThe Group meets on the first Thursday of each month at the Sports Centre, starting at 7.45pm.  Meetings normally consist of a presentation/demonstration, followed by 'Show and Tell' of members photographs.  The presentation may be themed around a particular technique or particular location, or may be a demonstration of computer software editing.  Show and Tell invites those attending to show some of their recent Landscape images to the rest of the group, using the club projector, for a little gentle peer-to-peer critique, and advice where requested.

Additionally, the group organises Field Trips to photograph scenic landscapes both near and far, depending on the time of year, angle of sunrise and sunset, state of the tide for coastal landscapes etc.  Naturally these are very weather dependent, and may be called at short notice to take advantage of (photographically) good weather. 

The trips may be very short, perhaps to photograph sunrise or sunset at a local venue, or may be full days out to further locations.  The Group also organises an annual weekend trip, which in recent years has taken members to the Gower, Lake District, Cornwall, Dartmoor and the Peak District.

The group is led by Dave Gray, ably assisted by Robert Harvey.  If you are interested in joining, or would like to know more, please speak to Dave or Robert on a club night, or send an email to Dave.

Landscape Group field trips -    
Visit to South Devon - April 2017
Visit to Skye - March 2017   
Visit to Snowdonia February 2018
Photographing the Moon - November 2016
Peak District - October 2016
Ystradfellte waterfalls - October 2016
Avebury by Moonlight - August 2016
Porlock  - August 2016
Isle of Wight - June 2016
Dorset - May 2016


The Nature Group is an informal group within the club, who enjoy taking photos of birds, flowers, insects and animals.
We arrange field trips within a days drive of Devizes to take advantage of seasonal wildlife highlights…weather permitting of course!
Clouded yellowWe try and arrange trips that suit a variety of interests, so you don’t necessarily need to be getting up in the middle of the night.

In addition to the day trips, we have also run a number of very successful weekends away, to Brownsea Island, Suffolk and Skomer Island in Pembrokeshire. These allow us to make the most of the daylight and explore other habitats, such as the coast, which is in short supply around Devizes.

The group is led by Richard Watson, with most of the trips brilliantly organised by Robert Harvey.

We welcome all members, you don’t need long lenses or the ability to identify all the species you are photographing.

Please speak to Richard, or Robert at one of the club meetings or email Richard from Contact Us           Left - Clouded Yellow by Robert Harvey

Nature Group field trips
    Butterfly field trip - July 2016
Isle of Wight - June 2016
Cotley Hill - May 2016
Clattinger farm - April 2016