Are You Interested In Nature Photography?

A Nature Photography Group was formed to help members develop their skills in this subject.

The leader is Richard Watson LRPS

The group broadly aims to share knowledge of the following:

  • What Nature Photography is, and what is considered 'wild' in wildlife
  • Identification of species
  • How to get to know your subject in order to anticipate behaviour for action shots - OR - in other words, how to create your own 'luck'
  • How to get the best out of the equipment you have
  • Composition in Wildlife & Nature photography
  • The effect of light to create mood or to show the subject in the best possible way
  • How to 'throw the background out of focus'
  • Advice on purchasing equipment
  • Advice and discussion about good Nature spots for day outings, weekends away, or longer holidays
  • The ethics of Nature Photography
  • How to shoot sharp pictures
  • Advice on entering Salons and Exhibitions
  • Advice on applying for honours in the Royal Photographic Society


       We do this by:

empidGroup Discussions
of members photographs.

We can all put the occasional photograph into monthly club competitions and listen to comments from an experienced judge. Acting as a group, we can bring many more images for viewing and discussion in order to get much more feedback about what people like about them, and why, and what aspects could be improved. We have informal indoor meetings, where we can discuss images from expert publications, as well as discussion of our own images and also images from Salons and Exhibitions.  Several CD’s are available, which we can use.

ield trips. In Wiltshire, we have some outstanding areas close to home, as well as slightly further afield.  
The Wiltshire Wildlife Trust reserves such as the Langford Lakes and toadstoolMorgan’s Hill are two examples.

We can organise informal trips to motivate people to get out with their cameras, and then have a follow up group critique session to compare the results.

If this sounds of interest, please contact Richard by clicking here.