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All you need to know about Devizes Camera Club
Please note We meet in the Sports Club, London Road, Devizes from September 2022.
We hope to once again to enjoy the social side Club membership as well as the presentations from our various speakers.
We meet on Tuesday evenings - doors open around 7-15 with the meetings commencing at 7- 45.
Changes may have to be made at short notice so see the Programme on this website. 
Meetings can also be attended using Zoom.

New members can get more information by contacting the Membership Secretary

0r - New members can download a Membership Form - fill it in and return to the Treasurer

Meetings are normally held at Devizes Sports Club, London Road, Devizes, Wiltshire SN10 2DL

Membership is currently £40.00 per year (£10-00 to Devizes Camera Club  £30 to Devizes Sports Club)

There is a charge of £2 .50 per meeting attended

Reduced:  New member joining after 1 January 2023: £20 

Under 21 years of age on 1 September 2022: £15.00 per annum plus £1.00 per meeting.

Annual subscriptions are due on 1st September 2022 or on the date of joining.  Subscriptions are payable to the Treasurer. 

Charge of £1-00 if attending a special interest group meeting.

Typically the programme consists of having a guest speaker,  running a competition evening or having a ‘show and tell’  evening where members can get feedback on their images.

Sometimes there is a practical session where you can learn some new skills such as table top photography.
Additional to our weekly meetings there is also the opportunity for members to join one of our ‘Special Interest’ Groups.

We take very seriously feedback from members so do feel free to express your view on what you liked or disliked

A Message from the Chairman
Thank you for showing your interest in our club, why not come long to one of our meetings, meet some of the members, and find out what we do.
You can attend a couple of meetings before you commit to full membership. 

What will you find? Well we are a friendly club with a wide age range of members where you can further your interest in still photography, appreciate the art form and enjoy the company of like-minded people. It does not matter what type of camera you have, generally the best one is the one that you happen to have with you at the time! We have members with all different makes and types of camera who are only too willing to share their knowledge and experience.
We currently have well over 60 full members with a wide range of ability. There are competitions to enter if you wish – they are not compulsory, but they are a good way of getting feedback on your images. Each club evening has a different theme as you can see from the information above and on the programme page.
If you would like more information please don’t hesitate to contact one of the committee members as detailed below and we will be happy to make sure you get the information you are seeking.
I look forward to seeing you at one of our meetings – do come and say hello.
Steve Hardman – Chairman 2021

Devizes Camera Club Committee 2022 - 2023

Chairman: Steve Hardman   contact

Vice Chairman

Secretary: Dave Gray   contact

Programme Secretary: Frank Collins contact

Treasurer: Lynda Croft  contact
     (assisted by Peter Tasker)

Competition Secretaries
David Eagle, David Wilkinson & Gerald Clarke contact
Assistant - Jennifer Skjoldbro
Battle Secetary: Dave Gray contact

Membership Enquiries: Caroline Wright  contact

PublicityBridget Codrington: contact

Committee Member:  Mike Saunders  

It is believed that the Devizes Camera Club has its roots in the late 1940s and that it was called the 'Devizes and District Camera Club'.
Little is known about these early years. We do know that in the mid 1950s under the chairmanship of Mr Syd Holley the club was known as the 'Devizes and District Community Centre Camera Club'. The Club met at the Community Centre until it was demolished in 1958. On 30th September 1958 the club as we know it today was formed.
In 1959 it joined the Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF). Mr Arthur Forder was club chairman until 1970 when Mr Lou Rutter took over.
Club Meetings were held at the Southbroom Parish Room until 1961 when they were moved to the St. James Parish Hall.
The Club later moved to share a club room with the Cine Club at the Devizes Motor Co. premises in New Park Street.
1970 also saw the W.C.P.F. Members’ Exhibition staged at the town's library.
The Club continued to grow and it became a prominent organisation in the town with an annual exhibition and events at the Corn Exchange that attracted audiences of up to 400 people. With expanding membership the meeting place changed. In 1990 meetings were held in the Downlands School and 1992 it moved to the Crown Centre where it stayed until 2009, after which we moved to our current venue at the Devizes Sports Club. As a result our members are affiliated members of the Devizes Sports Club.
The Club prides itself on being a friendly club and enjoys a good reputation and punches above its weight both in local, regional, national and international competitions.
Our constitution includes the following objective: The object of the Club shall be; to enhance the participation in, and the enjoyment of, all forms of still photography and to promote at all levels the development of artistic and technical ability in still photography. The Constitution
Each year a committee is elected to run the club. Other club members help out with various practical tasks.  
As well as a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer the committee also consists of a Programme Secretary, Competition Secretary, Battle Secretary and a Membership Secretary.
Together with up to 5 other elected committee members they are tasked with the overall running of the Club. Members can log in and see committee information and the committee minutes
Special Interest Groups
The club arranges field trips and visits according to members interests

As well as providing general information for the public it includes a password protected members only section.
In this section you will find competition results and points tables as well as information about the club and photography in general.
You can catch up with Club News, see Battle and Salon results and see many of the members images.
You can have your own 'Album' to show the world your favourite images!
Devizes CC Website designed, built & managed by Pam Mullings  contact website support if you have any queries or to report any missing links.
The club has a 'Closed Group' Facebook page where you can upload your photos, give or ask for information and generaly converse with other members.
You can add your images for comment, see other members images and join in conversations with other members.

To join - sign up for Facebook (you do not need to display any personal information) and then apply to join Devizes Camera Club Facebook
Images that have recieved awards in Club Competitions can be seen on Devizes Camera Club
There is no obligation for members to enter any of the competitions. Indeed many beginners and members new to the club opt out of competitions for the first year, preferring to learn as a spectator about what is required.
This approach can help people new to club photography better understand some of the technical language and nuances which inevitably surface despite our best endeavours not to be too technical!
Club competitons are normally judged by an independent person appointed by the club.
Competition Categories
When joining the club, individuals are allocated a category of membership for competition purposes.
There are three sections; Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced. 
Important: Once you decide on a category of membership (Beginners, Intermediates or Advanced) you cannot normally change except by promotion or by obtaining a recognised Distinction. See  Sections 
Unless otherwise requested new members compete in the Beginners section. 'Beginners' does not mean necessarily new to photography but new to photographic competitions and judging.
If you have experience or have been a member of another club
you may wish to enter in the Intermediate or Advanced Group. You may submit 7 images (digital or prints) to the Competition Secretary at least 2 weeks before you enter your first competition of the season for consideration.

 Please contact the Competition Secretary if you have any queries.
'Open' competitions  are judged according to  membership categories so images entered by beginners will be judged against other Beginners' pictures, and likewise Intermediates and Advanced.
In an 'open' subject competition, any subject can be entered.

Alternatively, the competition may have a named theme or set subject and will be judged on your interpretation of that theme.
Points are awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places, and any highly commended in each membership category.
Annual competitions usually consist of a defined subject or photographic style and the winner is awarded a trophy to keep for a year.
We have annual competitions for ‘Wildlife,’ ‘Landscape’ 'Monochrome' and 'Creative' as well as a 'Set Subject' competition where the subject will change from year to year.
These competitions are open to all members and so allow Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced photographers to compete against each other.
In these competitions the judge is not told the category of membership.
As with open competitions points are awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd places and any highly commended.
At the end of the season the points awarded in both Open and Annual Competitions are added up and those with the highest total in specific categories are presented with a trophy.
Points gained throughout the year also act as a gateway for promotion to the next level.
We also have some light hearted competitions, usually around Christmas time.
Entering Competitions
Depending on the type of competition there are two ways in which you can submit entries.
You can submit them digitally for projection (via email or on a memory stick) or you can submit prints as mounted prints.
Prints can be A4 size or larger but mounts must not exceed 400x500mm in size.
In the interest of fairness and to assist the competition secretary members are requested to submit their entries on or before the deadline.
Members can mount their own images or buy pre-cut mounts.
You have the option to do your own prints or to have them printed.
There are a number of internet companies who will print an A3 or a 12x16 inch image for a reasonable cost (approx. £1.20p) which we can advise you about.
Seeing your image mounted and displayed can be a thrilling experience no matter how long you have been a photographer.
See Competitions for more information.
Please follow the instructions carefully before entering a competition

The Biennial Print Exhibition
The exhibition is held on odd years (e.g.2015/2017/2019).
Recent practice has been to mount an exhibition in the Wiltshire Museum in Long Street, Devizes during the months of August or September.
Eligible prints are judged for the Derek Parker Plaque (see Rule 7.2 in Competition Rules).
There is also an award (Leaze Cottage Trophy) for the Best Print in the Exhibition.
More information about competitions and the applicable rules can be found in the club’s handbook or on this website. 
External Competitions or 'Battles'
Battles are friendly inter-club competitions where a panel selects suitable images to represent the club.
Sometimes the battle takes place at home in Devizes or away at a nearby camera club.
In battles an independent judge gives each image a score and these are totalled. The club with the most points overall is declared the winner.
The Club also enters DPIC in which clubs from the WCPF area compete and the GB Cup which is a national competition. Battles
These are National/International ‘exhibitions’ where individuals send-off prints or digital images for appraisal and, if they are good enough, they are 'accepted' for display.

If you are lucky (and very skilled) your image may be commended or receive a ribbon or honourable mention, or be placed in the first 3 places.
These events usually require the contestant to pay a modest fee to enter.
The club awards the 'Ryder Rathband Trophy' to the member with the most acceptances in a year. 
Several of our members have achieved internationally recognized Distinctions. Distinctions are awarded on merit following submission of a panel of of photographs for consideration by the relevant photographic society.
The Club is very keen to support any member who wishes to extend their photographic experience in this way.
The main ones are:
1.Royal Photographic Society (LRPS, ARPS and FRPS)
2.British Photographic Exhibitions Crown Awards Scheme (5 levels) 
3.The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (3 levels: Credit, Distinction, Master)
4.International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) (Salon & FIAP Information)
With the exception of the Royal Photographic Society it is not possible to obtain any of these unless you belong to a recognised camera club. Members who have, or later obtain, distinctions are asked to let the membership secretary know so that the clubs records can be kept up to date.