2017 Competition 2 Open PI results  
Beginners  - 27 entries
Mannequins by Bruce Chappell – 1st place
Contemplation by Mark Somerville – 2nd place
Herb Seller by Bruce Chappell – 3rd place
Lee Johnston - middle finger salute by Mark Somerville
Serene Smercleite by Craig Purvis – HC
Red Stool District by Craig Purvis – HC
Recycling Dung by Peter Eley – HC
Paragliders by Peter Eley – HC
Kingfisher Perched by Roly Barth – HC

Intermediate – 21 entries
Stonechat with Insect by David Wilkinson – 1st place
A Norwegian Winter by Sue Wadman – 2nd place
Swirling Pool by Steve Hardman – 3rd place
Coming in for a Closer Look by David Wilkinson – HC
Ahead of the Rest by Andy Vick – HC
Summer Sunshine by David Lock – HC

Advanced – 36 entries
Gallery Viewing by Janet Rutter LRPS – 1st place
Coy Teenager by Dave Gray – 2nd place
Talisker Bay Sunset by Dave Gray – 3rd place
Early Morning Ablutions by Dave Gray – HC
Fighting Coots by Richard Atkinson AFIAP – HC
Red-eyed Damselfly by Richard Atkinson AFIAP – HC
Aurora borealis, Lofoten Islands by Robert Harvey ARPS EFIAP – HC
Knowlton Church and Earthworks by Robert Harvey ARPS EFIAP – HC
Dawn Rising on the Quiraing Prison by Caroline Wright – HC
Lest we Forget by Frank Collins – HC
After a Hard Days Work by Pam Mullings – HC
Woodborough Hill Frosty Morning by David Fraser – HC