Competition 1 - Open Prints - results  
Beginners  - 9 entries
The Village Stream by Craig Purvis – 1st place
Final Furlong by Bruce Chappell - 2nd place
Peeping Tom by Bruce Chappell - 3rd place

Intermediate – 16 entries
We ain’t Talking no More by David Lock – 1st place
Central Jetty, Coniston by Steve Hardman – 2nd place
Feather and Grass by Kyra Wilson – 3rd place
Houses of Parliament by David Lock - HC
Outlook by Steve Burgess- HC
Sea Otter by David Wilkinson- HC

Advanced – 26 entries
Gambian Girl with her Toy by Dave Gray – 1st place
Liatach from Loch Clair by Dave Gray – 2nd place
Young Red Deer Stag by Caroline Wright – 3rd place
Warm Light, Cool Water by Tim Pier- HC
The Golden Arch by Tim Pier- HC
Red Squirrel Eating Nuts by Richard Atkinson - HC
Emperor Dragonfly Laying Eggs by Richard Atkinson- HC
Quiraing by Robert Harvey - HC
Taking a Breather by Pam Mullings - HC