Monochrome & Creative Competition results
Monochrome Prints – 33 entries
Randolf by Pam Mullings – 1st place
Endangered by Pam Mullings 2nd place
Talisker bay by Robert Harvey -3rd place
The Bicycle Park by Kyra Wilson – HC
The Pole Lathe by Kyra Wilson – HC
Bruised and Battered by Pam Mullings – HC
Sgurr Nan Gillean from Sligachan by Dave Gray – HC
Table for One by Bruce Chappell – HC
New York by Steve Burgess – HC
Frayed by Richard Wilson – HC
23er Denkmal Kaiserlautern by Jean Ingram – HC

Creative Projected Image Competition – 18 entries
That Sinking Feeling by Pam Mullings – 1st place
To Business, Gentlemen by Robert Harvey – 2nd place
Pop up Little Owl by Kyra Wilson – 3rd place
Autumn Beech by Richard Watson – HC
Skirmish by Pam Mullings – HC
60 Watt Abutilon Bud by Kyra Wilson – HC