PI League results 2018  

1st place - Robert Harvey,  2nd place - Tim Pier,  3rd place - Dave Gray,

4th place - Craig Purvis, 5th place - Caroline Wright, 6th place - Pam Mullings,

7th place - Richard Atkinson, 8th place - Heather Collins, 9th place - Sue Wadman, 10th place - Bruce Chappell

Best placed sets
1st 'Arctic Light' by Robert Harvey
2nd 'Natural Reflections' by Tim Pier
3rd 'Through  the Arch' by Robert Harvey
4th 'Images of Skye' by Sue Wadman
5th 'Spanish Villages' by Tim Pier
6th 'It's Raining Again' by Pam Mullings
7th 'Lake District in Autumn' by Robert Harvey
8th 'Gambian Children' by Dave Gray
9th 'Dragonflies' by Richard Atkinson
=10th 'Glorious Ghent' by Craig Purvis
=10th 'The Magic of Skye' by Dave Gray
12th 'The Livestock Market' by Bruce Chappell
13th 'Boats' by Caroline Wright
14th 'Sunsets' by Caroline Wright

15th 'Insects' by Heather Collins
16th 'Early Light on Pewsey Vale' by Dave Gray
17th 'Winter in Bruges' by Craig Purvis
18th 'Coast' by Craig Purvis
19th 'Well's Cathedral' by Gill Cardy
20th 'African Wildlife, by Heather Collins
21st 'Flying Birds' by Richard Atkinson
=22nd 'Butterflies'by Heather Collins
=22nd 'Waterfalls' by Tim Pier
24th  'Crofton' by Janet Rutter
25th 'Big Boys Toys' by Pam Mullings
=26th 'Wading Birds' by Richard Atkinson
=26th 'Birds' by Caroline Wright
= 26th ' Hidden London' by Richard Watson

Members can ask Caroline for their results if they are not on the above list of the top 28 sets