Competition 3 - Portraits

Beginners  - 11 entries

Boogie Woogie Madeline by Martin Stokes – 1st place

Did you eat my last Rolo? by David Eagle – 2nd place

Flawless 40’s by Craig Purvis – 3rd place

Putting on the Ritz by Martin Stokes – HC

Intermediate  - 15 entries

Holly by Sue Wadman – 1st place

A Lifetime in Cuba by Stephen Burgess – 2nd place

Charlotte by Sue Wadman – 3rd place

A Twenty will do Nicely by Stephen Burgess – HC

Lords Trip by Andy Vick – HC

Advanced    - 26 entries

Man in a Fur Hat by Pam Mullings – 1st place

Turkestan Gentleman by Pam Mullings – 2nd Place

The Story Teller by Richard Atkinson AFIAP – 3rd place

Esme by Pam Mullings – HC

John by Hilary Eagles – HC

Excited by Dave Gray – HC

Dancer by Robert Harvey ARPS EFIAP – HC
Dennis by Tim Pier – HC