Competition 4 Open PI results

Beginners     27 entries
Eider, Slimbridge by Peter Eley – 1st place
Adriatic at Dusk by Roly Barth – 2nd place
Farewell to Arms by Roly Barth – 3rd place
Black Winged Stilt by Peter Eley – HC
Serene Severn by Craig Purvis – HC
Lift Off by Martin Stokes – HC
Wipe Out by Martin Stokes – HC
Squirrel Nutkin by Jack Willis - HC
Henry 8th by Richard Blackbourne - HC
Conversion by Brian Appleby – HC

Intermediate     18 entries
Otter Feeding on Crab by David Wilkinson -1st place
Evening Light at Portland by Steve Burgess – 2nd place
Misty Morning by David Wilkinson – 3rd place
Winter Walk by Steve Burgess – HC
Red Squirrel by Jean Ingram – HC
Checking the Distance by Jean Ingram – HC

Advanced  39 entries
Snow Moon, Oks Fjord by Robert Harvey – 1st place
Raindrops by Pam Mullings – 2nd place
Stormlight on Llanddwn Beach by Caroline Wright – 3rd place
Frosted Snakeshead Fritillary by Robert Harvey – HC
Lion Queen by David Fraser – HC
Wadi Rum by David Fraser – HC
Lynau Mymbyr by David Fraser – HC
Winter Flow, Johnston’s Canyon by Frank Collins – HC
Moody Morning, Eilean Donan by Frank Collins – HC
Scooters by Tim Pier – HC
Strathfarrer by Richard Watson – HC
Anemone by Richard Watson – HC
Meadow Pipit by Kyra Wilson – HC