Mobile Phone Competition - results

Beginners – 12 entries

Dandelion by Roly Barth – 1st place

Going Underground by Heather Collins – 2nd place

Cranes by Heather Collins – 3rd place

Poppies by Roly Barth - HC

Intermediate – 9 entries

The Holte End by David Lock – 1st place

Knot so much Detail by Sue Wadman – 2nd place

Balloon Fest by David Lock -3rd place

Advanced – 24 entries

After the Rain by Richard Watson LRPS – 1st place

Light and Shade at Edmondsbury by Frank Collins – 2nd place

Mist and Snow on Roundway by Caroline Wright – 3rd place

Running Away by Richard Waton LRPS – HC

Boat Reflections by Caroline Wright – HC

Langdale Pikes in Autumn by Robert Harvey ARPS EFIAP – HC

Bobby Robson Bridge by Hilary Eagles – HC

London Rain by David Fraser – HC