Nature Print & Projected Image Competition results
Prints  - 24 entries
Cold Mountain Hare by Robert Harvey – 1st place
Tree creeper by Tim Tapley – 2nd place
Hummingbird Hawkmoth by Gill Cardy 3rd place
Little Owl by Robert Harvey - HC
Marbled White with Small Skipper by Tim Tapley – HC
Otter Surprised by Gill Cardy – HC
Coot Family by Richard Atkinson – HC
Red Stag and Mountains by Kyra Wilson – HC

Projected Images – 59 entries
Heron feeding on the Thames by Martin Stokes – 1st place
Alpha male Chimpanzee by Dave Gray – 2nd place
Ants carrying Earthworm by Dave Gray – 3rd place
Great white Pelican by Dave Gray – HC
Arctic tern defending territory by Robert Harvey – HC
Fieldfare and apples in snow by Robert Harvey – HC
Hummingbird Hawkmoth by Tim Tapley – HC
Common Blue by Tim Tapley – HC
Grey Wagtail approaching nest by Gill Cardy – HC
Common Stretch Spider with prey by Gill Cardy – HC
Short Ear Owl Hunting by Steve Hardman – HC
Gannet in Flight by Steve Hardman – HC
Fox amongst bluebells by Kyra Wilson – HC
Common hawker in flight by Kyra Wilson – HC
Feral Goat, Dinorwic by Craig Purvis – HC
Rose Sawfly Larva by Craig Purvis – HC
Common Blues by Hilary Tapley – HC
Meadow Grasshopper by Helena Chambers – HC
Broad bodied Chaser by Heather Collins – HC
Immature female blue-tailed Damselfly by Richard Atkinson – HC