Competition 2 Open PI results
Tight Corner by Helena Chambers – 1st place
Old Timer by Helena Chambers – 2nd place
Black and White by Avril McCarthy – 3rd place
Forest Fungi by Paul Wells – HC
Birders at Sunset by Hilary Tapley – HC

Tiny Racer by Martin Stokes – 1st place
Living Dangerously by Craig Purvis – 2nd place
Fields of Gold by Sue Wadman – 3rd place
Emergence by Sue Wadman - HC
Still Waters of Stourhead by Craig Purvis – HC
Anticipation by Roly Barth - HC
Hitching a Lift Southwards by David Wilkinson – HC

Despair by Pam Mullings – 1st place
The Red Boat by Chris Wilkes Ciudad – 2nd place
Milky Way, Mars and Meteor by Robert Harvey – 3rd place
St Paul’s by Chris Wilkes Ciudad - HC
Beautiful Demoiselle by Caroline Wright – HC
Little Owl by Moonlight by Tim Tapley – HC
Honfleur by David Fraser - HC
Whimbrel by Dave Gray – HC