Competiton 1 - Open Print results
Lap of Honour by Mark Somerville – 1st place
Deer Hunt by Helena Chambers – 2nd place
Forest Fungi by Richard Blackmore – 3rd place
Bird on a Stick by Mark Somerville - HC
Winter Arrival by David Wilkinson – 1st place
Corridor by David Lock – 2nd place
Moonscape by Steve McCarthy – 3rd place
Resting from the wind by David Wilkinson – HC
Claire Austin Roses by Pam Mullings – 1st place
Red Squirrel on Pine Tree by Robert Harvey – 2nd place
Red Squirrel in Winter by Gill Cardy – 3rd Place
Star Trails over Wilton Mill by Robert Harvey – HC
Bantham Beach by Robert Harvey – HC
Red Deer Stags Fighting by Gill Cardy – HC