Open PI Competition 3 - results
Marbled White Butterfly by Paul Wells – 1st place
Crash by Avril McCarthy – 2nd place
Wren in flame tree by Hilary Tapley – 3rd place
Fishing from the Pullpit, Portland by Paul Wells - HC
Hanging on - Richard Blackbourne - HC
Vicars Close - Helena Chambers – HC

Bedruthan Steps by Steve McCarthy – 1st place
Red Deer Stag by David Wilkinson – 2nd place
Spray by Martin Stokes – 3rd place
Mountain Hare by David Wilkinson – HC
Mupe Bay by Sue Wadman – HC
Snowdon from Mymbyr by Craig Purvis – HC 
Dawn at Giorgio Maggiore by Craig Purvis – HC 

Yellowhammer by Robert Harvey – 1st place
Rainbow and beech clump by Robert Harvey – 2nd place
Short Eared Owl by Tim Pier – 3rd place
Early light, Bhutan by Frank Collins – HC
Oh no! by Frank Collins – HC
Green Violetear by Tim Tapley – HC
Gannet - Tim Tapley – HC
Breaking Free by Pam Mullings – HC
Three puffins by Kyra Wilson – HC