Results of the 2019 Biennial Print Competition
Leaze Cottage Trophy for Best Overall Print

Golden Eagle in the Snow by Gill Cardy - 1st place
The Princess by Tim Pier – 2nd place
Male Kingfisher with Two Fish by Kyra Wilson – 3rd place
White-tailed Sea Eagle by Robert Harvey - HC
Frosty Morning, Old Man of Storr by Robert Harvey - HC
Black Grouse at Lek by Gill Cardy - HC
Costumes and Canals by Gill Ford-Pier - HC
Wild Seas by Gill Ford-Pier- HC
Migrant Hawker Flying by Richard Atkinson - HC
Young at Heart by Richard Atkinson- HC
Loud and Proud by Tim Pier- HC
Bertie and his Ball by Tim Pier- HC
Claire Austen Roses by Pam Mullings- HC
Bearded Irises by Pam Mullings- HC
Tight Knit Band of Brothers by Dave Gray- HC
Dawn on the River Wareham by Bridget Codrington- HC
The Matriarch by Gina Gordon- HC
Fisherman’s Cottage on Hoy by Steve Hardman- HC
Honfleur by David Fraser- HC
Last Light, Crackington Haven by Frank Collins- HC
Venetian Sunfire by Craig Purvis- HC
Derek Parker Plaque for best image taken in Wiltshire

Rainbow over Salisbury Plain by Robert Harvey – 1st place
Golden Sunset, Cherhill Down by Dave Gray - 2nd Place
Barn Owl Feeding at Dusk by David Wilkinson – 3rd place
Emergence by Sue Wadman- HC
A Winter’s Tale by Sue Wadman- HC
Old Timer by Helena Chambers - HC
Deep in the Forest by David Eagle-- HC
Winter Sunset by Kevin Ferris-- HC
Beams and Branches by Craig Purvis - HC