Competition 1 PI results  

Beginners – 20 entries
Western Cattle Egret by Penny Clarke – 1st place
Hoverfly on Scabious by Hilary Tapley – 2nd place
Summer Flowers by Bridget Codrington – 3rd Place
Peony by Bridget Codrington - HC
Grand Pier by Jennifer Skjoldbro - HC
A Summers day by Helena Chambers - HC
Pyramidal Orchid by Hilary Tapley - HC

Intermediate – 9 entries
Forest Trail by Martin Stokes – 1st place
Lone Tree, Babbacombe by David Eagle – 2nd place
Fresh from the Sea by David Eagle – 3rd place

Advanced – 35 entries
Fishing for Crabs by Richard Atkinson – 1st place
Goldfinch amongst the Hawthorn Berries by David Wilkinson – 2nd place
Franschhoek Valley by David Fraser – 3rd place
Hoverfly on Hawkweed by Richard Atkinson - HC
Early Morning in Lindisfarne by Caroline Wright - HC
Kimmeridge Sunset by Caroline Wright - HC
Venetian Sunrise by Sue Wadman - HC
Mating Frogs Reflected by Gill Cardy - HC
The Monastery, Petra by Robert Harvey - HC
Watching from a Safe distance by Dave Gray - HC
Lindisfarne Reflections by Frank Collins - HC
The Cleric by Pam Mullings - HC
Zebra Spider by Tim Tapley - HC