Competiton 2 - Open Projected Image results  

Shaking it off by Megan Boardman – 1st place
Afternoon Tea by Bridget Codrington – 2nd place
White-tailed Eagle by Hilary Tapley – 3rd place
Puffin by Hilary Tapley – HC
Hummingbird Hawk-moth by Hilary Tapley – HC
Seeing off the Juvenile by Megan Boardman – HC
Hollyhock by Bridget Codrington – HC
Social Comment, Trafalgar Square by Gina Gordon – HC
Golden Cap Sunrise by Graham Sawyer – HC
Eisblumen No.1 by Marlis Rawlins – HC
Dusty and close racing by Dave Dowding – HC
Sleeping Lions, Tanzania by Penny Clarke – HC

Gannet by Steve Hardman – 1st place
Contrasts by Pete Souster – 2nd place
Stillness by Pete Souster - 3rd place
Celestial Heavens by Martin Stokes – HC

Harvestman by Tim Tapley – 1st place
Bewildered by Robert Harvey – 2nd place
Delicate Beauty by Pam Mullings – 3rd place
Milky Way over Durdle Door by Robert Harvey – HC
King of the Jungle by Pam Mullings – HC
Sunrise on Combe Hill by Caroline Wright – HC
Langdale Pikes & Boulders by Caroline Wright – HC
Evening Light St Mary's Lighthouse by Frank Collins – HC
Red Squirrel by David Wilkinson – HC
Three Geese Flying by Richard Atkinson – HC