Results - Monochrome PI Competition 2022  

68 Entries

Weaned Grey Seal Pup by David Evans - 1st place
Silhouette in the Fog by Peter Evans-2nd place
Steampunk Man by Peter Evans-3rd place
Harley by David Evans-HC
Passing the Time by David Evans-HC
Misty Morning Sunrise by Dave Johnson-HC
Old Bouys of Aultbea by Dave Johnson-HC
Tidal by David Eagle-HC
Obediently Waiting by David Wilkinson-HC
Badger Feeding in Evening Light by David Wilkinson-HC
Lone Tree in Winter by Frank Collins-HC
Spring Tranquility Bridge 115 by Frank Collins -HC
Roundway by Heidi Massey -HC
Fountains Abbey by Lynda Croft-HC
Marker Buoy, Penmon by Penny Clarke-HC
Land's End by Robert Harvey-HC
Little Church in the Sea by Robert Harvey-HC
Going for a Walk by Robin Gregory –HC
Waves by Wendy Weller-HC
Sentinels by Wendy Weller-HC