Print & PI of the Year results  

Old Church & Milky Way by Peter Evans – 1st place
Sea Eagle by Peter Evans - 2nd place
Dawn Rising, Buachaille Etive Mor by Tony Leach =3rd place
Apache Gunship by Dave Johnson =3rd place


Distant Light by Dave Eagle – 1st place
Take Flight by Richard Blackbourne – 2nd place
Light Supper by Bridget Codrington – 3rd place

Kimmeridge Ledge by Robert Harvey – 1st place
Milky Way, Portland Bill by Robert Harvey – 2nd place
Buzzards Fighting by Robert Harvey =3rd place
Red-tailed Sportive Lemur by Robert Harvey =3rd place

Projected Images
Common Puffball in Savernake Forest by Peter Evans – 1st place
Solitary Rook by Richard Jones – 2nd place
The Gallops by Barbara Jones – 3rd place
Through the Esses by Dave Johnson – HC

Owl in the Grass by Richard Blackbourne – 1st place
Office Block at Sunset by David Evans – 2nd place
Shades of Red by Bridget Codrington =3rd place
Windhover by David Evans = 3rd place
Anticipation by David Evans – HC

Roman Fort, Hardknott Pass by Robert Harvey – 1st place
Blackbird in a Sunbeam by Tim Pier – 2nd place
Bloody-nosed Beetle by Tim Tapley =3rd place
Walking the pebble by Robin Gregory =3rd place
Fungi on a Decaying Log by Tim Pier - HC
Misumena vatia by Tim Tapley - HC
Through the Glacier by Caroline Wright - HC
Flight to Freedom by Pam Mullings - HC