Open Competition 1 Projected Images 2019
Beginners     27 entries
Days End by Paul Wells – 1st place
Mummy, Feed me Please by Mark Somerville – 2nd place
Harvest Sunset by Paul Wells – 3rd Place
Blea Tarn by Bridget Codrington – HC
Becalmed by David Eagle – HC
Supper-Ladakh by Gina Gordon – HC
Worth the Walk by Graham Sawyer – HC
Longhorn Beetle by Mark Somerville – HC

Intermediate     15 entries
Skylark with Bugs by David Wilkinson – 1st place
Green Woodpecker by David Wilkinson – 2nd place
Leopard Lacewings by Steve Hardman – 3rd place
Gaada Stack, Foula by Steve Hardman – HC
Wrecked by Martin Stokes – HC

Advanced    24 entries
Great Tit with a Bee by Tim Pier – 1st place
Sandstorm, Namib Desert by Robert Harvey – 2nd place
A Rabbit before me by Robert Harvey – 3rd place
Autumn Mist by Pam Mullings – HC
Scram! by Pam Mullings – HC
After Sunset, Trebarwith Strand by Dave Gray – HC
Up and Down by Frank Collins – HC
Putting on the Style by Richard Atkinson – HC