Results- Competition 2 Open PI's 2019  
Beginners – 23 entries
Lion with Kill by Hilary Tapley – 1st place
Guy Martin by Mark Somerville - 2nd place
Green Violet –ear by Hilary Tapley – 3rd place
Boat on Mull by Hilary Tapley– HC
Reflect on Summer by Helena Chambers – HC
Rainy Day Blues by David Eagle – HC
Going with the Wind by Tony Leach – HC

Intermediate – 18 entries
Broken by Martin Stokes – 1st place
Lavender Field at Sunrise by Sue Wadman – 2nd place
Male Woodpecker Feeding Juvenile by David Wilkinson – 3rd place
Trebarwith Strand by Sue Wadman – HC
Chat and a Drink by David Lock – HC
Sedge Warbler by Steve Hardman – HC

Advanced – 30 entries
Hover Fly by Richard Atkinson – 1st place
Milky Way over Grandidier’s Baobab by Robert Harvey – 2nd place
Who Says I Can’t by Dave Gray – 3rd place
Silent Sentinels by Robert Harvey – HC
Marbled White and Moon by Robert Harvey – HC
Bird Boy by Tim Pier – HC
Little Blue Eyes by Tim Pier – HC
Looking Sheepish by Chris Wilkes-Ciudad – HC
Misumena vatia by Tim Tapley – HC
Natural Bridge, Columbia by Frank Collins – HC