Monochrome Results
Prints – 34 entries
Getting to the Point by David Eagle – 1st place
Eryngium by Pam Mullings – 2nd place
Loch Cill Chriosd by Chris Wilkes-Ciudad – 3rd place
Solitary Time by Chris Wilkes-Ciudad – HC
Guggenheim by Chris Wilkes-Ciudad – HC
A Quiet Moment by Pam Mullings – HC
Birches in the Snow by Robert Harvey – HC
Branches and Beams by Craig Purvis – HC
A Face only a Mother Could Love by Steve Hardman – HC
Venice Canal by David Lock – HC
Windswept by David Wilkinson – HC

Projected Images – 61 entries
Ripple Tide by David Eagle – 1st place
Happy, Happy, Happy by Dave Gray – 2nd place
Common Gull at Sea by Tim Tapley – 3rd place
Great-spotted Woodpecker by Tim Tapley – HC
Behind Bars by David Eagle – HC
Modern Life by Chris Wilkes-Ciudad – HC
Striking a Pose by Pam Mullings – HC
Kicking Horse River by Frank Collins – HC
Snowy Cemetery by Hilary Tapley – HC
A Bit of Argy Bargy by Kyra Wilson – HC
Jane Austen Re-enactors by David Evans – HC
Burchell’s Zebra Drinking by Robert Harvey – HC
Old and New Rockers by Richard Atkinson – HC
Sunday Paper by David Lock – HC
Oh, you’re an Art Critic, are you by David Lock – HC
Common Frog by Gill Cardy – HC
Church Ruin, Burrow Mump by Janet Rutter – HC
Steamy by Mark Somerville – HC