Open Print Competition 2 - results

Beginners – 12 entries
Dawn Breaking - Winter Solstice, Avebury - Bridget Codrington – 1st place
Bird Box No7 by Dave Eagle – 2nd place
Stairwell by Helena Chamber – 3rd place
Southern Carmine Bee Eater by Tony Leach – HC

Intermediate – 14 entries
Steeple in the Mist by Craig Purvis – 1st place
Morning Calm on Coniston by Steve Hardman – 2nd place
Fox on the Alert by David Wilkinson – 3rd place
Tree Cloud by Craig Purvis – HC
Angry Sunset by Martin Stokes - HC

Advanced – 11 entries
Camelias by Pam Mullings – 1st place
First Light in Deadviei by Robert Harvey – 2nd place
Desert in Bloom, Wadi Rum by Robert Harvey – 3rd place
Dancing by Chris Wilkes-Cuidad - HC