Results - Competition 2 Open PI

Common Puffball in Savernake Forest by Pete Evans – 1st place
Newly Emerged Fly Agaric by Gerald Clarke – 2nd place
Eastbourne Pier by Adam Woodhouse – 3rd place
Nuthatch by Richard Jones – HC
Robin by Richard Jones – HC
Mid Atlantic Sunset by Barbara Jones – HC
Secretary Bird by Barbara Jones – HC
Mums by Dave Johnson – HC
Three Amigos by Dave Johnson – HC

Owl in the Grass by Richard Blackbourne - 1st place
Windhover by David Evans – 2nd place
Close Contest by Richard Blackbourne – 3rd place
Before the Storm, Sandymouth by David Eagle – HC
Pip by David Evans - HC
Rememberance, Captain Gerald Clarke by Penny Clarke – HC

Walking the Pebble by Robin Gregory – 1st place
Movement in the Waves by Sue Wadman – 2nd place
Roman Fort, Hardknott Pass by Robert Harvey – 3rd place
Roosting Blue by Caroline Wright – HC
Wallace the Bald Eagle by Martin Stokes – HC
Pagan Sunrise by Robert Harvey – HC
Bits of Devizes by Robin Gregory – HC
Bejewelled by Pam Mullings – HC