Top sets from 2022 PI League  
1 Gannets – Robert Harvey
2 Cuckoo – David Wilkinson
3 Red Arrows – Pete Evans
4 Otters by David Wilkinson
5 Tawnies in the Wild byDavid Wilkinson
6 Bempton Cliffs by Pete Evans
A Day
7 A Day in the Hide –by Richard Blackbourne
8 Colours of Summer by Robert Harvey
No number 9
10 Autumn in the Lakes by Frank Collins

11 Tulips by Bridget Codrington
12 Autumn Colours by Caroline Wright
13 Snowdonia in Winter by Frank Collins
14 Lindisfarne by Frank Collins
15= Ancients of Savernake by Robert Harvey
15= Kestrels by Richard Blackbourne
17 Bumble Bees by Gerald Clarke
18 Hawk Conservancy Trust by Dave Eagle
19 The Steam Punk Festival by Lynda Croft
20 British Super Bikes by Richard Blackmore
21 Butterflies by Gerald clarke
22 Little Creatures by Caroline Wright
23 October in the Lake District by Dave Eagle
24 Grey Seals by Dave Evans
25 Jane Austen Festival by Lynda Croft
26 Steampunks by Pete Evans
27 Forks and Spoons by Dave Johnson
28 Statue of liberty by Lynda Croft
29 Flowers by Penny Clarke
30 Gargoyles by Bridget Codrington