Innovation Projected Image Competition: Smartphone Images 10 April 2018  
On her first visit to Devizes CC the judge Linda Meaton remarked that she had never judged a competition for phone images before – well we have never had one before!
Linda has many years’ experience in computer aided design and visualisation and gave very good advice on how some of the entries might have been improved. Enjoying architectural and street photography herself she explained how strong leading lines help the viewer into the image. Sometimes an image would have been improved if the photograph had been taken from a slightly different angle so as to avoid background clutter or avoided cutting off elements of the image.
RB dandelionMembers were asked to send in images taken on a smartphone on which the technology has improved immensely but there are still limitations on the settings that can be changed on a phone. Usually the ISO and F stop is set and the focus is automatic and they cannot shoot in RAW - but never the less many have built in software to crop or add contrast etc. The images for this competition could be downloaded and Photoshop used to do enhance the images.

When Linda took her first look at the Beginners entries she was astonished at the high quality and said that it bodes well for the future of the club. There were some very interesting subjects in the 9 entries – street scenes, telephone boxes and a colourful sunset. Linda chose ‘Dandelion’ left by Roly Barth for first place. A very well taken and unusual close up image which showed great detail. Roly also was awarded an HC for his image ‘Poppies’
DL Holte EndSecond and Third places both went to Heather Collins – the judge commented that ‘Going Underground’ which was an image taken of an escalator showed good leading lines and ‘Cranes’ had many interesting angles and a good range of colours.

In the Intermediate section David Lock was awarded both first and third places –
‘The Holte End’ right was a monochrome image of the roof of a stadium with many interesting angles and ‘Balloon Fest’ captured the colour and atmosphere of the event.
In second place was Sue Wadman’s well seen close up image titled ‘Knot so Much Detail’

RW rainThe Advanced section had a wide range of interesting images from beautiful highland landscapes to well caught street scenes. A monochrome by Richard Watson LRPS was placed first depicting raindrops on hosta leaves titled ‘After the Rain’ left. Linda said it was a perfect subject for monochrome and the angles of the leaves were well placed. Richard also was awarded an HC for ’Running Away’ another monochrome with a small child heading off on his own along a path.
‘Light and Shade in Edmondsbury’ by Frank Collins depicted a corner of a church interior with interesting patterns of light falling on the stonework and was awarded second place. In third place was another monochrome – this time of woodland trees in snow titled ‘Mist and Snow on Roundway’ by Caroline Wright. Caroline was also awarded an HC for a colourful image of an old boat.

Club chairman Richard Watson thanked the judge for coming from Portishead to judge our phone competition and giving her helpful comments on all the images.

After the break some of the winning entries from the WCPF 2017 Audio – Visual competition were shown including one from club member Robert Harvey ARPS EFIAP titled ‘Canyon Country’ A range of stunning landscape images taken in Arizona and Utah were accompanied by  appropriate music to make an enjoyable AV. Members also very much enjoyed viewing the winning long AV titled ‘The Fallen’ with its very moving images and the short AV about a rather unusual but interesting subject - the ‘Holsworthy Livestock Market’
Congratulations to all those who gained awards, to all those who submitted their phone images and to Competition Secretary Caroline wrright for organising the competition. PM
Full results                                                           All the awarded images can be seen in the Galleries