Nature Print & Projected Image Competitions 16 October 2018   
The Annual Nature competitions were judged this year by Eddy Lane ARPS DPAGB EFIAP who is a past President of the WCPF and a national PAGB judge.
Eddy is a very well-travelled and experienced wildlife himself so is an ideal judge to give his opinions on the club’s nature entries. He commented on our clubs ‘strict’ rules which do not allow captive animals and the image cannot have anything removed or added. Eddy said he feels there is nothing wrong with a ‘record shot’ of a ‘bird on a stick’ but nowadays rather more is expected and he prefers to see the creature in its environment and showing its natural behaviour.

TT TreecreeperRH hareEddy made several comments about subjects appearing too tight in the frame and conversely in some instances the subject had too much unnecessary space around it.  Blown out highlights on white feathers was another recurring problem with many images and Eddy suggested stopping down a few stops to avoid the problem. The limited depth of field when using macro lenses was something else to be considered. Also monochrome rarely works with nature subjects as it is their colours that make the picture – some images Eddy thought a little too saturated although this can be a matter of opinion. The projector can sometimes make images appear brighter than the photographer has seen on their own computer screen causing the image to appear too light.
It was very pleasing to see so many new members entering a competition for the first time and many gaining awards.

Starting with the prints Eddy remarked on the high standard and gave very helpful comments on how improvements may have helped the image. He said there were some very amazing entries making decisions on the final awards a very difficult task for him. Finally, ‘Cold Mountain Hare’ above left  by Robert Harvey ARRPS EFIAP was awarded first place. Eddy remarked on he could see every hair and the snow was perfectly captured. In close second place was ‘Tree creeper’ right by Tim Tapley LRPS – a new member entering a club competition for the first time. Eddy remarked how difficult it is to photograph tree creepers as they always seem to quickly hide round the back of a tree.
In third place was a striking image of a ‘Hummingbird Hawkmoth’ by Gill Cardy FRPS DPAGB EFIAP.
Highly Commended awards were given to Robert, Tim, Gill and also Kyra Wilson and Richard Atkinson.

MS heronAfter the break Eddy gave his comments on the 59 Projected Image entries.
The very striking image’ Heron feeding on the Thames’ left by Martin Stokes caught the judges eye and was awarded first place. The heron standing in the swirling water was well placed in the frame and even had a newly caught fish in its bill!
DG chimpDave Gray had an excellent evening with awards of 2nd, 3rd  places and also an HC. The judge remarked on the intelligent looking face looking straight at the camera in ‘Alpha male Chimpanzee’ right which was placed second. The extraordinary behaviour shown in ‘Ants carrying Earthworm’ was something Eddy had not witnessed before and wondered how Dave had even noticed it and awarded it third place.
No less than 17 Highly Commended’s were awarded - a full list is shown below.
Club Chairman thanked Eddy for undertaking the difficult task of judging the fantastic Nature images. The excellent images entered by new members bodes well for the future of the club who has always been known for the very high standard of the nature images.
Thanks to all those who entered the competition and made it such an interesting and inspiring evening. PM
Full results                             Awarded images can be seen in the Gallery