Creative & Audio Visual Competitions 26 February 2019   
The judge for the competitions was Tony Byram EFIAP ARPS AWPF DPAGB who together with his wife Jennie has visited the club many times – both as a judge and also to present his own images and AV’s.
What is a ‘creative’ image? asked Tony - a question that members ask themselves. It may not be apparent how an image is created and that does not matter for this competition but the resulting image should cause a reaction suggests Tony.
PM sorcererThere were many interesting and imaginative ideas entered by members – some had fun photographing water droplets others went for abstracts and there were also some humorous ideas. Clever use of software turned straightforward images into something rather different.
Tony picked out 9 very different images for awards giving first place to Pam Mullings for ‘The Sorcerer’ left - a colourful image which depicted a wild haired gent and his book of Spells. Second place went to ‘Fun with Milk’ by Kev Ferris LRPS in which the falling droplets had formed into the shape of a mushroom. Third was an image of trees titled ‘Winter to Autumn’ by Chris Wilkes Cuidad ARPS which transformed a scene of woodland trees from monochrome to colour.

After a break Tony set about judging the Audio - Visual sequences entered explaining how the images should flow well together and have appropriate music. The order in which the images are shown is important with each sequence telling a story with a beginning, a middle and an ending.
The club has not held an A-V competition for a few years so for some members it was their first attempt. Lively music accompanied a surfing sequence and sea water swimming featured in another.
RH galaxiesFirst place went to an informative sequence that had taken Robert Harvey ARPS EFIAP many hours to compile. Titled ‘Visions of Heaven’ it showed in detail the wonders of the universe and asked ‘how far can we see with our naked eye’. Using Robert’s superb images, it started with the Aurora Borealis which is comparatively close and within the Earth’s atmosphere and went on to the phases of the moon and an eclipse showing a ‘blood red moon’ Then further out in space to the planets in our solar system and an eclipse of the sun itself. Deeper in space there were images of the Milky Way which is still in our Galaxy and even further away we can just see the Galaxy of Andromeda which is an astounding 2.537 million light years away. There was so much information in Robert’s A-V that it really needs to be seen many times to absorb all the interesting facts.
Right: One of the many images in 'Visions of Heaven'
In second place was ‘Isle of Skye’ with its stunning images taken by Chris Wilkes Ciudad which showed the beautiful mountains and lakes of the area. 
‘Dawn to Dusk’ by Martin Stokes was a sequence taken in the New Forest with its landscapes and wildlife which included a clever sequence of woodland bird images and their calls. Martin’s A-V was in third place.
Tony suggested that members wishing to learn more about making A-V’s should join WAVES which meets locally 4 times a year.
David Wilkinson thanked Tony for judging the competition and for giving his helpful comments.PM

Full results           Most of the awarded images can be seen in the Galleries.