Members’ Speed Critique 5 March 2019   

Eight of the club’s newer members took the plunge and brought along a selection of their images for fellow members to look at and give their views. The idea is to provide positive feedback on images to help members get the very best out of their images – this might involve the presentation and any editing that might enhance the image in some way. The critique is always done in a very gentle manner anyone showing their images should go away with helpful comments that will help them get the best from their photography.
Groups of members are given just 10 minutes to give their views on each selection of images before moving on.

Very new member Marlis Rawlins impressed with her selection of flower images which are a particular interest of hers and she has fun with some creative editing giving an impressionistic effect. Marlis also showed some macro images as well as a stunning coastal image and some interesting landscapes.

critique1Wildlife is the passion of Tim Tapley right and he impressed with his images of birds in flight as well as excellent macro images of insects. He has a great knowledge of wildlife and likes to record the wide variety of birds he has seen and looks out for interesting and unusual behaviour.

Helena Chambers showed an impressive variety of her images including a beautiful woodland scene and a range of other subjects included street scenes as well as some macro images.

Patterns interest Liz Bates who has been a member for some time but her work gave her little time to pursue her interest in photography as much as she would like. Liz looks for quirky subjects that most of us would probably not notice but also showed a range of other interesting images.

Liam Trimby is one of our younger members and he had some well taken images of water birds. An image taken at a recent club portrait session impressed members
Experienced photographer David Eagles brought along an interesting collection of landscapes and also showed some interesting candid street photography.

Paul Wells showed members a range of interesting portraits most of which he presented in monochrome. Buildings and street scenes were another interest with a few instances of colour popping.

critique2All the previous members displayed their images as projected images on laptops but John Hoskins left brought in a selection of his well-presented prints. John has been a photographer for many years and even a judge but has only recently joined the club so it was interesting to see his work. Street scenes are a particular interest and John very skilfully adds rain or snow and even turns day into night with his editing.

Thanks to all those members who were brave and showed their images and hopefully felt that the comments were positive and helpful. There was a lot of discussion and not everyone agreed on how much an image should be cropped or whether it was better in mono or colour but it’s up to the photographer to explore all possibilities and present their images as they see best.
The excellent images from all the new members bodes well for the future of the club
Chairman Steve Hardman was the ‘Master of Ceremonies’ and kept everyone moving on every ten minutes and it was a very enjoyable evening for all. PM