‘Post Processing Images’ 8 October 2019   
This week we welcomed Dave Gray, our very own Lightroom guru to enlighten us about the mysteries of processing images.
presentationUsing a PowerPoint presentation linked to live Lightroom, Dave very effectively showed us how to use the more basic functions of Lightroom, how to manage and catalogue images and what has changed since his last presentation in 2017.
In the first half Dave concentrated on the Lightroom catalogue and then how we can change the appearance of an image looking at the major adjustments which can be grouped into colour balance, exposure, contrast and saturation.
Colour Balance can eliminate colour casts and render whites and greys as neutral colours. RAW files are needed and its is important that your monitor is correctly colour calibrated.
Exposure – Dave talked about using the histogram and also that the exposure slider may be rather heavy handed so use the Highlights and Shadows sliders.
Contrast depends on the author’s intent – again the contrast slider can be heavy handed so  Dave talked us through the use of the clarity, dehaze and texture sliders.
Saturation makes the image more or less colourful and again that slider can be quite forceful so the use of the Vibrance slider should be considered.
Having processed images he then went on to explain the importance of saving and disaster backup. Recommendations include a mirror copy of all images and the Lightroom catalogue held on another drive with a possible third cloud-based copy.
After the break Dave introduced Range masks - Luminance and Colour – and how to use them, new profiles and changes to presets.
Another very recent update includes batch processing which is very useful for dealing with the multiple images associated with HDR’s and Panoramas.
Dave then demonstrated how to create virtual copies, rename and organise images using Folders and Collections including a dire warning about only doing the moving within Lightroom itself.
To finish the evening we were then reminded how to prepare images for club competitions, resize them and export in the correct format.
Plenty of questions and answers made this a most informative evening and we heartily thank Dave for the huge amount of work that had obviously gone into producing such an excellent presentation. SH

For more information see Dave's 2019 'Editing in Lightroom'and 'Photo Mangement' and if you missed the presentation here are the images