Competition 2 - Open Projected Images - results 5 November 2019   

HT LionPenny Piddock DPAGB EFIAP was welcomed back to the club to judge the Competition 2 Open PI competition.
There were many interesting entries from members and Penny remarked how difficult it was to judge and that there were excellent images in all categories. She said that she looked for impact and storytelling in the images and judging was subjective with probably only 3 members happy with the results as they were winners of the clubs 3 categories!.
The members in the Beginners were not necessarily new to photography but start in that section when they join the club and work their way up with a points system.
There were 23 images entered in the Beginners and after giving her comments Penny carefully looked through the images she had held back before giving the awards. In first place was ‘Lion with a Kill’ right  by Hilary Tapley which Penny said ‘caught the moment’ as the lion licked its lips as it tucked in to its catch.
Hilary also gained 3rd place with another wildlife image – this time a close up of a hummingbird titled ‘Green Violet Ear’ with the judge remarking on the sharpness of the image. ‘Boat on Mull’ - another of Hilary’s images was awarded an HC so very well done.
MS BrokenPenny often commented that in some images the subject could have been photographed from a different angle or a close up would have been better but conversely some images needed more space around the subject.
In second place was a monochrome image by Mark Sommerville of a racing motorbike rider titled ‘Guy Martin’ who gained aclaim for TT racing in the Isle of Man for many years.
Next came the 18 entries in Intermediate section. Again a variety of subjects by for Penny to look through.
A well taken, subtly coloured landscape by Martin Stokes took her eye and ‘Broken’ left was awarded first place. The image featured a tree with a fallen branch set against distant hazy woodland. In second place was by contrast a highly coloured landscape ‘Lavender Field at Sunrise’ by Sue Wadman with the rows of lavender set against a fiery sky. 
Third place went to a delightful image by David Wilkinson ‘Male Woodpecker Feeding Juvenile’.

RA Hover FlyAfter the break Penny commented on the 30 images entered by members of the Advanced group.
After commenting on all the entries and holding back 12 of them Penny took a while deliberating on the awards. Seven were given HC’s and then the 3 top places were announced.
First place went to Richard Atkinson AFIAP for ‘Hover Fly’ right on which the judge commented on the excellent way the detail was captured on the flying insect. The image was extremely sharp and well presented.
In second place was ‘Milky way over Grandidier’s Baobab’ by Robert Harvey ARPS EFIAP. The image cleverly showed the baobab tree set against the starry night sky.
In third place was a very different image in which Penny liked the cheeky smile as a young lad played on a wheelbarrow titled ‘Who Says I Can’t’ by Dave Gray.

Chairman Steve Hardman thanked Penny for travelling all the way from Weymouth and giving her opinions and helpful comments on all the images.

Full results          All the awarded images can be seen in the GALLERIES