Open Print Competition 1 26 November 2019   
The judge for the first Open Print Competition of the season was Tony Byram EFIAP, ARPS, AWPF, DPAGB who was welcomed by Steve Hardman.
Tony has visited the club many times before both as a judge and a speaker and said that the standard of prints entered was generally very high and particularly mentioned the very good work in the Beginners section.
DE ForestWhen commenting on the entries Tony advised keeping images simple so the subject stands out even when viewed from a distance as sometimes just concentrating on a part of the original image would have made a better print. Nowadays digital makes it easy to try out new ideas as you can experiment as much as you like with no extra cost involved. In some cases, reversing an image can improve it - so try it out and see if it works for some images.

There was a good entry in the Beginners section and Tony took time to comment on each print and pointing out the good points as well as in some cases how it could have been improved. By taking note of the judges’ comments should help members improve their images. There was wide range of subjects from speeding motorbikes to close up insects with lots of impressive landscapes in between. Tony commented that some images were rather small in the frame so members might like to think about cropping off unnecessary areas before printing.
First place in the Beginners section went to David Eagle with a striking image ‘Deep in the Forest’ left
The judge liked the contrast between the straight trees in the background making the only curved branch stand out in the foreground.
In second place was another woodland scene titled ‘Bluebells at Westwood’, This time the photographer Mark Somerville used the technique of deliberately using camera movement to blur the image. ‘Broad-bodied Chaser’ was a superb close up by David Evans and was placed 3rd. Four other prints were awarded Highly Commended.

PM FantasiaAfter the break the Intermediate Prints were shown with only 12 entries. The print that most impressed the judge was ‘Venetian Sunfire’ left by Craig Purvis. The judge knows Venice well but he said that was not why he chose it but it was becaus of the incredible sky and its reflection.
Second place went to a very different subject with ‘Fox Portrait’ by Steve Hardman. The image was sharp, the colour good and the subject well placed. Another landscape was in third place, this time impressive image of Avebury titled ‘Stones and Stars’. CP Venetian SunfireThe image by Craig Purvis cleverly showing the well-lit stones, a starry sky and clouds radiating from the centre. Other images gaining HC’s showed a flying barn owl, squabbling gannets and a poppy field at dawn.

Last but not least were the 20 Advanced prints with another large range of subjects. In first place was a portrait by Pam Mullings titled ‘Fantasia’ right The judge liked the pose and the creative treatment which picked up the colours around the subject’s eyes.
An image by Robert Harvey ARPS EFIAP taken on a visit to Jordan was titled ‘Overlooking Petra’. The judge said the colours and composition were excellent and the man sitting on the rocks gave a good impression of the scale of the building below which was carved from the solid rock of the mountain and awarded it second place. In third place was a delightful image of a dog running towards the camera by Tim Pier titled ‘Bertie and his Ball’
Four other prints entered in the Advanced section were awarded Highly Commended.

Thanks to Tony for looking at the print entries so closely and giving his helpful comments. Thanks to David Wilkinson who ran the competition and to all those who entered their prints – especially the Beginners as it takes courage to enter your work for the first time for judging. Hopefully more members will have a go and print and mount their images for Open Print Competition 2 in February. PM
 Full Results         All of the awarded images can be seen in the Galleries