'From Psychologist to Photographic Artist' 21 January 2020    
And now for something completely different!
Kirsteen Titchener travelled up from Newton Abbot to present her story, entitled 'From Psychologist to Photographic Artist'.
She explained that she regards herself as an artist who uses KirsteenTitchener Autumnphotography as a medium to develop her work, and showed us a number of examples of composite images that she has produced over the years.

Having studied Psychology to PhD level, specialising in Audio Perception, she started using a camera while working in Australia. Having been to night school to learn how to use her camera, she soon found that she preferred working in a studio environment and started photographing friends’ dogs. She also started using Photoshop to tidy up images and began to experiment with developing composite images.

She read extensively and researched online for sources to improve her knowledge of Photoshop and her understanding of Art. Back in the UK, she attended a workshop in 2014 that changed her approach and set her on a road to discover a personal style. She illustrated her journey with several composite images, One showed a woman who appeared to be swimming inside a bottle of Gin. Another told her version of the Merlin and Vivien legend where Merlin becomes trapped in a tree.

Kirsteen shared a number of images from her two main projects to date - 'Missing' and 'Floral'.
In her Missing series she took a series of self-portraits, meticulously standing in the same studio position with the same lighting. She then removed herself, manipulated the clothing artistically and added in different paraphernalia, such as autumn leaves, sparkles or even animals.
Her latest project, Floral, concentrates on macro images of flowers which she gives a surreal interpretation blending other images of, for example, smoke or clouds.

Kirsteen has won many awards in competitions, principally with the Society of Photographers and her images have graced the covers of magazines, including the Royal Photographic Society’s Visual Art. Her presentation, which will enthuse those of us who are interested in progressing our creative photography, was warmly received by those present. DF