Creative Competition 2020
PM blueThe Creative competition seems to have been fated this year as first of all the judge had to be replaced at short notice then the second judge appointed had to self-isolate after returning from Italy so the meeting was cancelled. The images were then sent together with the Competition 2 prints to a third judge and that meeting was cancelled as were all the other meetings.

Kindly the judge Beryl Heaton ARPS, EFIAP, CPAGB has sent her comments and given the awards.

PM nestSadly there were only 9 entries so where was everyone? Images taken after the popular demonstration of ‘Light Painting’ could have been entered. Members have had a go at creative camera movement and other techniques so these could have been entered. A lot of images taken in camera at our portrait evenings would have met the criteria for ‘Creative’. 
The trophy was presented to the club in 2011 to encourage more creative images which are so popular with many clubs and are often the winners in the National & International competitions. Maybe next year members might find a bit more creativity!!
The 9 creative images and the judges comments will be shown below.

Anyway we have the results – in first place was ‘Bolt from the Blue’ by Pam Mullings. The judge liked the scared look on the models face, the hair standing on end and the way the lightning streamed down.
In second place was ‘Nesting Time’ by Pam Mullings – described by the judge as a fun image. She said that she enjoyed the model’s expression with the eyes looking up in the direction of the ‘hat’ and the pigeon. The hat has been expertly constructed to resemble a nest. 
The judge commented that she didn’t normally pick out images in the same genre for awards like this but felt that these two portraits were first class.
In third place was ‘Knock Knock’ by David Eagle. The judge said it was a nice idea with well-chosen elements showing all types of doors from modern to old fashioned with different colours. The woodpecker using the knocker is fantastic.
DE knockOther entries featured an amusing lemur an ‘ebulb’ and Avebury in Wonderland!
Well done everyone who entered and at least had a go!

A very special thanks to the judge for sending her comments.

Thanks to the competition secretaries who have had so much to do sorting out these cancelled meetings and changes of judges.
The results of the Audio Visual competition which was also changed should be with us after the next competition.
Keep smiling and maybe try a bit of creativity if you have some spare time on your hands! PM

All the entries and the judges comments       Awarded Image Gallery