Southern Iceland 15 September 2020   

LW roadThe club was pleased to welcome Leigh Woolford AWPF EFIAP DPAGB BPE3 HonFWPF to give a presentation using Zoom of his photographs taken on his many visits to this land of ice and fire. The journey he showed was from the town of Keflavik in the West on the coast road to Hofn towards the West. Using photos’ videos and maps Leigh gave facts in great detail about this amazing country. Iceland is the most sparsely populated country in Europe, the roads are almost empty so driving is a joy and many of the most scenic areas can be viewed from the roadside.

LW monoAs soon as you land near Reykjavik you become aware of the geo-thermal activity in the area with the massive power plat and the thermal pools. After a short look at some of the impressive sculpture and buildings in the capital city Leigh set us off on a photographic journey along the south coast road.
Leigh showed us images of amazing waterfalls often with rainbows over, massive geysers spewing steam into the air and the largest glacier in Europe. Leigh said the weather could change in an instant and it was often raining and overcast so many of his images conveyed the moody nature of the country by being shown in monochrome.

Many images were shown of the impressive basalt rock stacks and cliffs taken in all directions from the black sand beaches in the area. There were many views of a much photographed, photogenic church near Hellnar set against the dramatic coast.

LW BeachAs the glaciers reach the coast large chunks of ice break off and float on the lagoons. In the right light the ice can take on beautiful blue hues and reflect the colours of the sky. Leigh showed many photos of the ice as it was washed up on the black sand beaches giving dramatic contrasting tones. The air is clean and unpolluted so amazingly clear photographs can be taken of the mountain ranges and glaciers in the distance. The sea is often very rough and Leigh showed images of the waves breaking over the rocky shoreline.
Leigh was lucky enough to see a really impressive show of the Northern Lights on one of his many visits.
As a change from the many landscapes Leigh showed images of the Icelandic horses with their thick coats and long manes to protect them from the severe winter cold.
Leigh was thanked by chairman Steve Hardman for showing us the diverse landscapes in this hot, cold, and beautiful country. Steve said it made him want to revisit this amazing area. PM
Images © Leigh Woolford